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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was putting together some resources for those who are starting out on a serious path of magic. It is now starting to take shape in the form of a webpage that will hold a variety of things from essays and articles, to training modules, links  etcI have invited various teachers, heads of schools and individual adepts to write articles about their path, how they got started and what they did, plus ones from teachers stating what they do, who they are looking for and what qualities they look for in a student. I have also written a series of essays offering advice, tips and things to watch out for when in early training, and they are on the site.

ImageThere is also a series of pages that will be built up over the coming weeks with training modules, lessons and exercises in visionary magic, meditation, astrology, tarot and ritual. They are being written by different magicians who are offering these articles and resources for free.

The idea is have a free stop off point for serious students and aspiring magicians, to get information and things to work on from experienced magicians and teachers. Teachers who are accepting students will have links with their articles, those are not, will not.

Please feel free to visit the website and check back with it every week or so as articles and lessons are added on a weekly basis. What is not offered through the site is personal teaching, personal advice, or any services. It is purely an information and education site.

The site can be found at   Enjoy!


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  1. Janet says:

    Thank you for this Josephine. This site will change many things for the better in the world of magic and it’s students.


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