Words of the Adepts

I have invited a wide variety of magical adepts to write about their early training, what they path was like, and what advice their would offer to people now just setting out on the path of magic, or what advice they would give their younger selves. The first articles have started to trickle in and they have now been published on the free resource site Choosing a Magical Path .

The truth is always better straight from the horses mouth, and these adepts speak openly and freely about the struggles, disappointments, challenges and joys of the early days of the magical development.Image I am hugely grateful for the time that people have taken and are taking to contribute to this site, it is turning into a wonderful project.

The first two articles on the page for Voices of the Adepts come a couple of adepts whom I have a great deal of respect for.  Frater Acher, a German adept whom I have spent many a long night and day in deep discussion with, whose work can be found on his website http://www.theomagica.com/

Frater Acher describes his very disciplined magical education and I think it would many people shudder just at the thought of it. But it worked and produced a highly disciplined highly effective and mutable magician.

The second is Paolo Summat, a Western Mysteries adept whom I have had the pleasure of working with magically on more than one occasion and who is a wonderful magician, and also a lovely human being. Image

Paolo has had many interesting magical experiences and has worked in both a lodge/group scenario and also as a lone magician. He is able to reflect on the pros and cons of both approaches. He is a quiet, patient, studious and intelligent adept who has deep humility and oodles of common sense. he and his partner Karen, who is also a wonderful working magician, have a long and interesting history of having to deal with various ups and downs of being a member of a magical order.

And for those who have commented on the blog recently, or have messaged me, emailed me etc and not heard a word from me, I apologise;;;I am not ignoring you nor do I feel your communications are not worth answering… I’m just snowed under with a vast volume of writing, work and life at the moment… but I intend to take a break soon to be able to get back into the world of actually communicating the people occasionally.

Thankyou to everyone who is contributing to this site, and there are some pretty awesome people currently typing furiously to offer their wisdom, insights and knowledge. And thank you to all of you who visit me here at this blog and who visit the website..your feedback and appreciation make it all worth while.

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6 Responses to Words of the Adepts

  1. Frater Acher says:

    Thanks for the invitation to contribute, Josephine. It’s a pleasure as always! Looking forward to hear more voices from other magicians with different paths and experiences…


  2. fannyfae says:

    You never have to apologize for a delay in correspondence, Josephine. The sheer magnitude and scope of what you have been doing with your writing and the things such as this that you offer to those who are willing to do the reading, to be present and to do the work is nothing short of being incredibly generous and straightforward. I can only say that it is greatly appreciated and gratefully received.

    Thank you for this and for everything that you have given this past year. (Also, have a great Mother’s Day!) 🙂


  3. gary says:

    Beautiful work that is developing… and it seems there is a developing essence (gestalt of this work as a whole- more than just a project), as shown by these 2 contributions fitting into the pieces you’ve (J.M.) began with on that site. Interestingly I was thinking about an idea I’ve been living-with for a while, the “trend-wave” (Taoist concept) of a rising development, that isn’t just a Person’s effort, nor a group, nor even Entities (“inner-actors” Land or Over or Under), but more so a “strange-attractor” (to ‘mis’use the nonlinear-dynamics terms) which draws people/places/things/ideas into its Maelstrom…. and develops, like a seed. and how to SEE and work with that (as a magical-process). Anyway- thinking upon that, and the sense that “something is needed” and being drawn into (how some actions seem to have a “mind of their own” and continue to develop on an inherent drive, etc)…. and it seems thinking of that, that these 2 essays could be said to touch on that also? (might be I was/am looking for that).
    Anyway- just wanted to send appreciation to the two contributors (ref’d in this blog-post), as well as the hard-working contributor-developer (writer of this blog-itself 🙂 -cheers and ‘gud-on-ya’



  4. Fred says:

    Thank you! All this information about path/schools/next step in metaphyical studies came at the right time for me. I found a teacher/group nearly right after you shared that brilliant post about the Hermit/Hod/Netzach/Yesod.

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