We are crowdfunding for the second edition of The LXXXI Quareia Magicians Deck – want to help?

As many of you will know, Quareia is a free magical training school, and we also produce some magical books at normal cost price. We do a lot of work for free, and we work very hard to ensure anything that we do that has a price tag, i.e. books and the deck, is affordable. And those funds, along with donations, keep us ticking along and working.

When we released the first edition of the Quareia Magicians Deck, we envisioned it to be only of interest of Quareia students from Initiate level onwards, and therefore we did not price it to include money for a reprint: we wanted to keep it as affordable as possible. How wrong we were. We were surprised and pleased to discover that many people were interested in the deck and wanted to work with it.

The first print run sold out within two years, and although we have one box left of the first edition, we use those for Initiate level students of Quareia who cannot afford a deck to work with in their studies, and who are in countries were even an affordable deck is out of reach – in some countries around the world the price of a deck is equivalent to a weeks wage for many. Those decks are free for mentored students who need them. Just because you are in a poor country does not mean you should not be able to study magic seriously!034 NEW RIVER OF DREAMS SML

So we were left with a quandary. How do we reprint with no funds? Crowdfunding seems the most sensible way forward. If people want the deck to work with, then pre ordering, and taking part in the various fundraising activities we are doing and have planned is the best way forward.

Frater Acher has very generously donated his upcoming royalties from his book ‘Cyprian: A Mage of Many Faces’ to the fundraiser, and one of the two artists of the deck, Cassandra Beanland, has donated her remaining originals of the deck paintings for sale for the fundraiser. They can be viewed and bought here – all monies from the art sale go to the fundraiser.

We are planning to hold an online silent auction in the next 6 weeks – it will be announced on our public Facebook Quareia page.

The second edition of the deck will be more streamlined: we listened to both the praise and criticism that reviewers were kind enough to take the time to offer. The cards will lose the scroll behind the card titles, and the name of each card will be clearer and simpler. It will be printed in the UK to support UK businesses that are currently in crisis with the looming political situation with the Brexit event.062 NEW SECLUSION SML

The book is also being overhauled. The chaptering will be better and more in depth to make finding references easier. There is more information about each card, with mundane divination key words and references, and each card will be featured in full colour images. There will also be a far more extensive chapter on layouts, with different layouts to experiment with.

To re print the deck and re do the book, we need funds, something we do not have. We have a goal of 12,500 British pounds to cover the printing of the deck and the book.

The second edition will be also kept affordable as our overarching goal with Quareia is always education and service, not business.

How can you help? It would be of enormous help to us if you could pass this information along, re post the blog post, and tell tarot enthusiasts about the deck and pre ordering.

If you are interested in deck, pre ordering it would really help us, and if you love the artwork and want a piece for yourself, WHEELknow that by purchasing an original work of art will make a massive difference to the campaign. Each painting is on stretched canvas, 16inchs x 20 inches (40.64cm x 50.80cm). There were no digital images at all in the deck, they are all original hand paintings by Cassandra Beanland and Stuart Littlejohn.

And thank you for taking the time to read this appeal!

“So far I’ve been trying to remain fair, objective, and factual, but I’m going to break for a moment here and just gush. Omigod I love this deck! The deck fills a void in the tarot/oracle/cartomancy world that I haven’t seen any other deck on the market during the time I’ve been alive and interested in cartomancy even come close to filling. I am not a Quareia practitioner or even a practitioner of Western magic. I don’t even identify as a magician. And yet there is something for me here in this deck. – Benebell Wen  ”

The Quareia Magicians Deck crowd Funding campaign

LXXXI Trivia…..

Why the LXXXI?  LXXXI is the Roman numerals for 81. There are 81 cards in the deck. There are 81 lessons in each section of the Quareia course. Why 81? Well… you would have to dabble with Gematria to figure that one out…. a good puzzle for you!

Digital? Many people were surprised to learn that there are no digital images in the Quareia deck, they are all hand painted. Some are oil paintings, some are acrylic and some are water colour. The only use of any technology has been in the size adjustments of the various images for conformity, and the occasional use of light balancing to ensure that all the images will contrast in the same way when printed.

Those involved in the Quareia deck: Stuart Littlejohn and Cassandra Beanland (artists), Josephine McCarthy (writer and designer), Michael Sheppard (book editor and type setter).

The only continent the deck has not yet gone to, is Antarctica. The first edition has travelled around the world to many different cultures and countries!

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  1. When the deck is available either pre or post printing I would be interested in purchasing a deck.

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    No that long ago I did a review of this uniquely beautiful deck. This new edition looks promising and I am certain it will remain as hauntingly enduring as the first.

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