heads up for Quareia book buyers…. News, and the lowering of prices

When we first brought out the Quareia paperback workbooks, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Fortunately, I have learned quite a bit about books and publishing since that point. So we have been smartening up the Quareia course books, and making them more affordable for you.

We recently put together the whole course into three hardback volumes, and now we have followed them up with three large paperbacks, one for each section of the course. Amazon has not quite managed to match up the 3 hardbacks with the 3 paperbacks as yet – with at least the Initiate Hardback, it is matching up a random Quareia workbook with it- so be warned!!9781911134251

We have contacted them repeatedly about it, so I hope the message gets through soon. The correct paperback of the whole initiate section can be found by searching ISBN9781911134299 in amazon’s search feature.

All the bumper books have a slightly different look to them than the old workbooks. The bumper books, one complete section for each book, all have the gold border around the Quareia image.

We have kept the price of the bumper three volume hardbacks and softbacks as low as possible to ensure they are accessible.

We did try to withdraw the thinner volumes of the paperbacks that each had two modules in them. But this has proved harder than we thought it would, and after consulting with students on line, and mud wrestling with the distributors, we have decided to leave the ‘two module workbooks’ up for sale, but we have drastically reduced their price, along with the prices of the Ebooks, which are also two modules for each Ebook.

From the 1st of December, all of the two module paperback workbooks will be reduced from $23.95 to $15.95 (In the UK they will reduce from £15.96 to £10.95)

From the 10th of December, all the Quareia Ebooks (two modules each) will be reduced from $9.99 to $5.99 (and in the UK from £6.99 to £3.99). The prices in Euros, Canadian, and Australian dollars will be cut by 50%.

5354673457Thank you all of you, for the interest, support and friendship you have shown Quareia and myself over the last year – without you all, we could not have achieved what we have.

We are now preparing for the snow queen to make her appearance on Dartmoor, where we live. It is a rather wild and exposed place, which is beautiful, but it can get pretty cold! The temperatures are dropping rapidly, and we have had our first sprinkling of snow (yey!)… and as she edges nearer to us, we can feel the blast of ice from her cloak….. it will soon be time to light the fires of Yule!

I wish you a peaceful holiday season, and a wonderful new year that brings new roads, new surprises, and many moments of wonder and awe
Josephine McCarthy xx

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