First donations and blog concept

A friend in Ukraine is starting a blog about life in a country at war… a way for individual voices in Ukraine to be heard. What a great thing to do!


I’ve received some donations from my friends and would like to say big THANKS for support! Not only your donations but also your warm words helps me so much! Now I can upgrade my WordPress account and normally work. Your donations are investments in independent blogging and, in the end, in the normalization of situation in my country, because even small actions matter.

I started this this blog as a kind of temporary job with no exact idea of what I will be. An editorial politics (as I see it now) with a short bio will be published soon. I see this blog as something as neutral and unbiased as possible; I will try to find a unique point of view that would make it different from the other media. Your feedback is very welcomed; I will try to adjust what I write to your ideas, you may contact me…

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  1. Johannigan says:

    I reply from country in war with itself, no remedy, and no missiles…so far… sending blasts of strength…


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