Audio File and Podcast Archive

This page is the home of old MP3files of recorded visions and meditations, and also a sample of podcast  interviews and lectures that I have given.

The meditations/visions can be worked with magically to assist in the development of your own visionary work. These were produced before I started the Quareia course, and although they are basically the same destinations or states of mind, they are approached differently.

 Podcast Interviews and Lectures

June 2019 – An interview/chat with Chaweon Koo of Witches and Wine podcast where I talk about Quareia – recorded at the Magickal Womens Conference in London UK



May 2019 – Glitchbottle podcast  where I talk to Alex


Here is an excerpt of a talk I did for the 2016 London Occult Conference on ‘Mechanics of Magic’.



Archive of older podcast interviews

Interview I –   Talking with Gordon White of Rune Soup

Interview II – my first interview with Occult of Personality

Interview III –My second interview with Occult of Personality



-simple recordings that you can use for basic meditations/visions


Meditation I – The void. This meditation is one that works with the concept of the Void, the nothingness from which all flows.


Meditation II – The Void in German


Meditation III – The Inner Library. This vision meditation takes the magician through their mind and into the space known as the Inner Library, also known in magic as the Hall of Thoth, or the place of the Akashic Records. It is a state that holds the collective knowledge and wisdom of those who have gone before us, and those who would come after us. It is used as a vision by magicians as a place where knowledge can be absorbed, and inner teachers can be connected with.

library Meditation