Tarot resources, interviews and shit shows

I have been quiet on this blog for a while as it has been a busy and chaotic year so far (no shit.. says half the world)… but with the world chaos in mind, here is a blog about what I have been up to this year, with links to various new tarot resources, interviews and a new book release….. as if there was ever a time your divination skills needed sharpening, it is now!

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Welcome!  Besides blog posts, this site has free tarot resources, an audio and podcast archive, and basic magical methods/training details, with links to further sites.

We now have a store on redbubble where the designs, clothing and art of Stuart Littlejohn, along with images from the Quareia Magicians deck are now available

If you wish to purchase the Quareia Magicians Deck it can be found here and on the same site we also offer a smallertarot size version of the deck

Thank you for visiting!

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First donations and blog concept

A friend in Ukraine is starting a blog about life in a country at war… a way for individual voices in Ukraine to be heard. What a great thing to do!


I’ve received some donations from my friends and would like to say big THANKS for support! Not only your donations but also your warm words helps me so much! Now I can upgrade my WordPress account and normally work. Your donations are investments in independent blogging and, in the end, in the normalization of situation in my country, because even small actions matter.

I started this this blog as a kind of temporary job with no exact idea of what I will be. An editorial politics (as I see it now) with a short bio will be published soon. I see this blog as something as neutral and unbiased as possible; I will try to find a unique point of view that would make it different from the other media. Your feedback is very welcomed; I will try to adjust what I write to your ideas, you may contact me…

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My latest podcast with GlitchBottle..Nov 2019

A podcast I recorded with Alex of Glitch Bottle has just gone public…. I am chatting with Alex about the environment, nature magic, working magically in service for the environment and how to approach it..  you can find the podcast here on youtube, enjoy!

tree of life

Tree of Knowledge by Stuart Littlejohn (C) 2014


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News update on the Quareia LXXXI Magicians Deck

Our second print run of the deck is now down to a couple of hundred decks for sale, plus a hundred decks held back for Quareia Initiate students. Doing another print run is going to prove costly and difficult, particularly in the unstable political and economic climate currently hovering over Britain, so we have come up with an alternative solution. Continue reading

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Talks and Podcasts

It has been a busy time for me lately, besides working with students, preparing new texts for the Quareia page, etc, I have been doing podcasts, lectures and have a masterclass coming up at The Magickal Womens Conference in London at the end of this month… so here is what I have been up to… Continue reading

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Goodies of myth, magic and wonder!

Magical artists Stuart Littlejohn and Cassandra Beanland who teamed up to do the Quareia magicians deck have both opened Redbubble online stores so that you can buy their work in prints, art board, and on bags, mugs etc.  It is a good way for the artists to get their work out there, for people to be able to buy something beautiful, and for the artists to earn a bit of royalty from the sales. Here is a preview of just a few of the luscious images that are available with links to the two storefronts…and various details.. help support artists while getting something wonderful! Continue reading

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Magicians go mad in Munich

I had only just gotten back from a trip to see family in Yorkshire, when we were out again to go visit Munich, Germany. Frater Acher kindly hosted us to go to Munich for a few days and run around Bavaria with a small gaggle of German magicians. And what an adventure that turned out to be – if you have not been to Bavaria, and are able to get there, it is well worth it: it is one of my favourite places in the world. Continue reading

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A trip to Brigante land

Last week I headed north for a week, visiting with family and old friends, and going around some of the old sacred places in Yorkshire, England.

It is a very old land that was once the territory of the Celtic tribe of Brigantes, before becoming a Viking land under the Danelaw. It is an area that has seen successive incursions over hundreds and hundreds of years, with frequent raids from the Scots, to the establishment of Norman rule.2019-01-28 12.52.48

Some of these places were my old stomping grounds of youth and it was nice to touch base with ancient friends who sleep in the stones and to marvel at some of the beautiful hidden treasures of Yorkshire. Continue reading

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Introducing ‘Sacred Women: Images of Power and Wisdom’

Sacred Women: Images of Power and Wisdom – the Art of Stuart Littlejohn is a new book that celebrates women through full colour paintings and accompanying texts. Continue reading

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Magic, Power, Focus and Emotion

The journey of magic that touches real power is a long and convoluted road that triggers ever deepening awareness of inner powers, consciousness and our own inner spirit and outer body. That long journey takes us down many roads of learning, not just about magic, but about power, energy, and our bodies. Continue reading

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