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heads up for Quareia book buyers…. News, and the lowering of prices

When we first brought out the Quareia paperback workbooks, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Fortunately, I have learned quite a bit about books and publishing since that point. So we have been smartening up the Quareia course books, and making them more affordable for you. Continue reading

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Nov 17-19th Online silent auction fundraiser on Facebook for Quareia

On the Quareia public Facebook page, on Friday 17th of Nov at 2pm  (UTC London time) we are holding a silent auction to raise funds for the reprinting of the LXXXI Quareia Magicians Deck. It will end on Sunday 19th Nov at 9pm (UTC London time). Continue reading

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We are crowdfunding for the second edition of The LXXXI Quareia Magicians Deck – want to help?

As many of you will know, Quareia is a free magical training school, and we also produce some magical books at normal cost price. We do a lot of work for free, and we work very hard to ensure anything that we do that has a price tag, i.e. books and the deck, is affordable. And those funds, along with donations, keep us ticking along and working. Continue reading

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Quareia and Kabbalah, and the Curious case of not knowing…..

Recently it came to my attention that a pair of leaders of a commercial magical temple had put up a blog post on the stance of Quareia and Kabbalah. I found it sad, misleading, and it brought many things into question.mother-motherland

If this post was simply aimed at me as a magician I would sigh, roll my eyes and ignore it, but as the magical integrity of Quareia is being called into question, I feel I have to respond, even though in a tardy way.  I will try to be as simple and to the point as possible. But be warned, this is long…….. Continue reading

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Approaching the Magical Book of Gates

I thought it timely to introduce the Book of Gates: the mystical initiatory text of the Underworld and stars from Ancient Egypt.  The Book of Gates is a complex, enigmatic and coded book that acts as a signpost and guide to those who seek to evolve in life and also in death. Continue reading

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A prayer for our time

At a time when such madness, destruction and fire is around us, it can be overwhelming. Heat waves, vast fires, stupid leaders threatening each other, deep corruption, and violence seem to stalk every headline. At times like this, the magician must be still, an oasis of balance. It is a time when daily recitation that is done from truth and not habit can awaken the soul, a time where communion with the Divine can light an energetic lamp to guide those stum7087029325_d0016805e9_bbling in the darkness.

There is a passage in Isiah, of which parts of it pre-date the Biblical writing, and are terms, concepts and recitations that draw directly from New Kingdom Egypt.

The passage draws in particular upon the New Kingdom Egyptian Book of the Gates, from the ninth hour.

I have taken out the religious dogmatic aspects of the passages, and left what are the fragments that are directly relevant, and made them into a recitation that can be uttered daily, if you are so inspired.

Fragments of Isiah 43  taken from the book of gates 9th hour – the swimmer of the Nu

But this saith Gd that had created thee: Fear not, for I have called thee by thy name, thou art mine – (I know thy name). When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon thee, since thou art precious in My sight, and honourable, and I have loved thee.

Fear not, for I am with thee, I will bring thy seed from the east, and harvest them in the west, I will say to the north, give up, and to the south, keep not back.

All nations are gathered together, and the people are assembled; Let them bring their witness, that they may be Justified. Let them hear and say, it is Truth.


For those who are interested in Egyptian magic, the directional reference is the ancient Egyptian pattern of: east/birth/utterance of life, west/harvest/doors into death, north/ancestors/the underworld, and south/path ahead/future.

The waters refer to the Nu, where the adept swims towards the isle of fire that they cannot touch, but will also not burn them – it is the brightness of Divinity (Re) in the Underworld.

The reference to the name at the beginning, says, I created you, I know you. It is a refrain where Divinity ‘claims you’ as a creation, as a child. It is a refrain that is repeated over and over in the Egyptian texts.

And finally, when the world or parts of the world go mad, which happens with depressing frequency as humanity never learns, the key to living, navigating and flourishing in such times, is Truth, the power of Ma’at, balance. The adept becomes the fulcrum that holds the scales of Ma’at present in the world. The recitation in its original meaning speaks to the Noble One, the adept as they pass through the hours of the underworld in death. But the trials of the dead are mirrored in the trials of the living, and vice versa – they are one and the same.

So remember…..

Thou art precious in My sight, and honorable, and I have loved thee





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Occult of Personality Podcast with Josephine McCarthy

For those interested in hearing my incoherent ramblings (it had been a very long day), here I am talking with Greg Kaminsky and Gnothi Seauton, accompanied by the Quareia editor Michael Sheppard….

Occult of Personality Quareia episode

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