The Mystagogus deck book – a preview!

The book for the deck has been put up on the Quareia Publishing website as a free download, and it is also on Quareia’s free books page . The physical books will be available for purchase online in the next couple of weeks, just in time for the decks themselves to arrive ready for shipping in early January. For the physical books, we have done two types – a higher quality hardback for collectors/ keepsake, made with the best inks and paper available…. and a general trade paperback & kindle. We will also… if we can figure it out, do a free Ebook download (as well as the free PDF download) on our websites, it we can sort out the technicalities.

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Mystagogus deck update

Well things are moving along nicely – the deck is due to be delivered at the end of Dec, and we have help lined up for the packing and shipping in early 2023 so they will start flying their way to folks early next year!

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Pinning, repainting, and learning new magical methods

Now the dust has settled from the frantic rush of selling the paintings, booking in the printer and nervously waiting for the proof (which arrives later today), over the last few days I have focused on the magical aspect of dealing with the ‘naughtier’ paintings in the deck.

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Shock, awe, and crazy magical ideas

Well… what a ride! I expected the deck pre sales and art sales to take a couple of months to raise the money to go to print … and it took 4 days! I am gobsmacked. And once I had 24hrs to decompress, some interesting magical ideas and potentials for learning popped into my head.

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Deck paintings at the teen angst phase – fighting names, and going out into the world

Well this has suddenly turned into a bronco ride! The website for the deck is finally up, the paintings are going up for sale in batches, the fundraiser for printing is launched, and meanwhile the images have turned into a bunch of squabbling teenagers.

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Deck Process and Places

Well, while I am on a roll, here is the 2nd blog post on the new deck… the process and some places.

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A new magical baby

I have been silent on this blog for a long long time…. Because I have been busily beavering away on my next project – the next magical baby….. When the pandemic hit, I was put to work on a new project which filled me with a sense of ‘oh shit’ – as it demanded skills that I didn’t have… namely painting.

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Tarot resources, interviews and shit shows

I have been quiet on this blog for a while as it has been a busy and chaotic year so far (no shit.. says half the world)… but with the world chaos in mind, here is a blog about what I have been up to this year, with links to various new tarot resources, interviews and a new book release….. as if there was ever a time your divination skills needed sharpening, it is now!

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Welcome!  Besides blog posts, this site has free tarot resources, an audio and podcast archive, and basic magical methods/training details, with links to further sites.

We now have a store on redbubble where the designs, clothing and art of Stuart Littlejohn, along with images from the Quareia Magicians deck are now available

If you wish to purchase the Quareia Magicians Deck it can be found here and on the same site we also offer a smallertarot size version of the deck

Thank you for visiting!

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My latest podcast with GlitchBottle..Nov 2019

A podcast I recorded with Alex of Glitch Bottle has just gone public…. I am chatting with Alex about the environment, nature magic, working magically in service for the environment and how to approach it..  you can find the podcast here on youtube, enjoy!

tree of life

Tree of Knowledge by Stuart Littlejohn (C) 2014


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News update on the Quareia LXXXI Magicians Deck

Our second print run of the deck is now down to a couple of hundred decks for sale, plus a hundred decks held back for Quareia Initiate students. Doing another print run is going to prove costly and difficult, particularly in the unstable political and economic climate currently hovering over Britain, so we have come up with an alternative solution. Continue reading

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