Pinning, repainting, and learning new magical methods

Now the dust has settled from the frantic rush of selling the paintings, booking in the printer and nervously waiting for the proof (which arrives later today), over the last few days I have focused on the magical aspect of dealing with the ‘naughtier’ paintings in the deck.

As each painting is an anchor for power that will subsequently flow through a card, some paintings needed dealing with. While you need a card that indicates a negative or ‘bad’ power in order to get a true reading, what you don’t want it that raw power also flowing through those more dangerous cards and into your space. The way to stop that is to deal with the anchor – the painting itself. While some of the difficult cards like ‘danger’ are negative, they are also useful; a danger card warns you rather than actually bringing danger.. so that is fine. But there are some that just need mummy to ‘unbirth’ them.

The first naughty child to deal with was ‘Voices of Untruth’ – unless you have lived under a rock for the last few years, you will be aware as to how such a dynamic has brought havoc to nations around the world. While it is something that has always existed, Mistruth has been weaponised massively in the last few years in many different countries to bring chaos and disaster, and it has been working.

This card is a dynamic rather than a power, so it can be transformed. First I gagged the little shits so that their silent pleading eyes frowned at me.

Then I blindfolded them and cast them into darkness before turning them upside down to disorientate them. I used black over all of their faces to wipe them out, and then brought in light by using a thick white to cover over the black – a new beginning.

After that I repainted and reworked it to transform it into orbs/voices of sacred light. The dynamic changed from untruth to truth.

Next came the Choppers. In the underworld, they do a great job, but in our world they can cause all sorts of trouble. At first I passed over them for ‘re-education’, thinking they would be ok as Choppers do an important job. But then I was awoken at 3am in a cold sweat, after a dream of the Choppers chopping all that was rotten in the world…. Which is a lot…. Oops…

So I used their own power against them. I cut the canvas from the frame, and with a big pair of scissors, chopped them up and dumped their fragments in the dustbin. Job done.

Next was the biggy. I realised with the Serpent of Chaos I was going to have to tread carefully – that is a powerful and dangerous being. The underworld has many serpent beings of different types, and many are good, some are indifferent, and some are venomous. The Serpent of Chaos is the most dangerous of all, as its venom infects fools, takes them over and operates through them. The more powerful and wealthy the fool, the more the serpent is attracted to them so that it can do maximum damage through a vessel (person) that holds power. Essentially, it is like a possession – the power of Chaos operates through a powerful idiot and seeds chaos wherever it can. 

I had put three paintings in an outdoor garden storage box (a Keter box… a good joke for kabbalists)… Serpent of Chaos, Empty Vessel (fool), and Parasites. I thought about where I was going to pin and destroy the serpent, and waited for the right weather. I also went on line to buy large iron nails to pin it with, but something deep inside me nudged me that I was looking for the wrong thing…. and boom!… an amazon ‘suggestion’ of extra long copper nails came up. THEM!! A voice in my head shouted. Ok….. I got them. When I thought about it, copper was perfect, but was not something I would have considered…. You learn something new every day!

The nails arrived super quick (24hrs) which is rare around here, and while I had planned a day and time, it was obvious it must be done that morning before noon. Interestingly, we had been having silent lightning going on around us for 24 hrs, which, if you know your magic, you will understand why that was helpful.

30 mins before I was about to do the deed, I got a really strong contact saying, ‘do not do it as you had planned. Take them to the NW corner, there is wood there, pin all three to the wood and burn the fuckers together’. I slapped my forehead…. NW was perfect (deepest down direction). So armed with firelighters, rubbing alcohol, copper nails and a hammer, and Stuart in tow with the paintings that were wrapped up so they couldn’t see it coming, we went to the NW point in the garden.

I unclothed them, sprayed them heavily with rubbing alcohol, and the started with the serpent – I pinned it by the head and tail while uttering at it, put a line of firelights down it, lit another one, and set it off. It caught fire quickly and as it burned I put the Empty Vessel over it, pinned it through the flames (you gotta know how to work with fire safely to do this shit!), and then put the parasites painting on the top of that, pinned each head, and told them all to fuck off back into the underworld. We stood and watched them burn until there was nothing left of the images.

In the middle of all of that, an ambulance turned up in our small, enclosed street. I peered over the fence to see what was going on, and they rushed into a house at the other end of our street. Five minutes later, they left. Hmm… false alarm? Nope… the person (very old) had died before they got there. A morgue van turned up an hour later to take the body away.

Hmm, interesting…. The sacrifice was taken, even though it was not offered. That may sound heartless, but it is an interesting dynamic you will find in real magic – events time in so that all dynamics are in place at the right time and in the right way. I had to do the pinning and burning right at that moment, as it would tie in with the death of someone on our street – their spirit going into the underworld opened a passage that the pinned powers could be thrown down.

So now the magical excitement is over, I must get back to finishing the book, and going over the proofs… when they arrive, I will photo them and give you a peek!

You can check out the paintings, the new deck and everything here at Quareia Publishing’s website

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  1. ECHO says:

    It really is kind of crazy the way that things all come together and line up like that, magic is truly so interesting


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    It’s really good to see you use the blog to post updates that matter. Is there a reason you don’t have a “public” social media account?

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