Magical Training

My old site of the Inner Library has served its’ purpose and is being withdrawn from the net. The inner library website had various free texts that covered the basis in magic, including tarot, protection, cleansing, and basic visionary and ritual work. QUAREIA_triangle large

I have been writing an extensive on line free magical training course for the lone practitioner, designed for self study. The first apprentice module, Core Skills, covers a lot of the subject matter that was available on the inner library, and you can find that module here.

If you are looking for extensive magical training that reaches from apprentice to adept, and wish to study it at your own pace, the Quareia course is available on line, for free, and covers various aspects of magical study without being aligned to any particular system or creed. You can find that course here.

The website also has details about how the course was conceived, how to approach the course, and who is involved in the development of the course. We have created the course in this particular way, and also for free, so that there is no barrier to magical study. The onus is back on the student to apply themselves to the study without any hand holding: you do the work,  and it is your approach and effort that decides whether you succeed or fail. The course self filters rather than us putting restrictions upon who can study, and with it being free, people from around the world from different types of economies can study without fear of not being able to afford it.

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