Shock, awe, and crazy magical ideas

Well… what a ride! I expected the deck pre sales and art sales to take a couple of months to raise the money to go to print … and it took 4 days! I am gobsmacked. And once I had 24hrs to decompress, some interesting magical ideas and potentials for learning popped into my head.

The first was about the painting called ‘the Voice of Untruth’, which is based on how I see the worst of social media. I got that I had to withdraw it from sale, and ‘deal’ with it magically. Each painting is an anchor and window for a power, and while most of the paintings regardless of whether they are ‘good or bad’ powers are fine to be ‘out there’ in the world in the form of deck cards or prints as they are balanced, that one in particular worried me.

But I wasn’t sure what to do about it, as it was very clear it had to be in the deck. In today’s world of mistruths and misinformation that are so bad they can destroy a society, would it add power to that situation? and if so, what could I do to stop it while leaving the card functional for magical divination?

Stuart I chatted about it and he said something that turned a light bulb on in my head – I will paint blindfolds and gags each one of the heads in the original painting – the card will remain the same, but its anchor painting will be gagged and blindfolded. That way, the card will still function, but it will not allow anything to move through it into the ‘cloned’ image of the card in people’s decks – there will be no eyes to see or gossip mouths to lie from. And the 4 eyes of the angelic being that are in the painting, will have an easier time at keeping all of those mouths under control. So I will get to it.

The other thing that popped into my head is an experiment. The painting ‘purification’ – I got a hint to withdraw that one from sale too and try something with it. In the painting, there is a priest who is ‘doing’ a ritual purification.

I am going to overpaint him and cover him over with yellows and light hue and bring out reflections of the light into parts of the darkness. I am also going to highlight the angelic figure that is mostly hidden in the upper right-hand corner of the painting – it appears as a hint of the upper body and face of someone in the darkness raising their hand in blessing at the back of the head of the priest.

Currently he or she can barely be seen, but I will cast a light on them. The magical experiment is to see if the purification power that flows through the painting will act as a passive inner cleaning influence in the house.

By placing the priest under the light as a hidden layer, it takes the direct action out and what should then come through is not an echo of a direct action, but the results of a direct action. We shall see….

And now life is going to be one big mountain of padded envelopes, bubble bags, cardboard tubes, packing tape, address lists, and piles of wood stretchers that the paintings will be taken off from. And in a few weeks there will be piles of boxes of decks added to the chaos! Some will go straight into storage, but a load of them will need to be at the house to get them ready for shipping.

Between now and the end of January our wee Hobbit house is going to look like a slightly insane post office. If I remember, I will take pics… I am going to spend the weekend preparing the house, as every inch of floor and cupboard space matters in this place. 

But first we have to muck it out – for the last seven days every waking moment has been focussed on setting everything up and then doing the fundraising sales…. Our house is now like a horse barn.. we live in a very rural place next to fields and woodland, and we have outdoor cats that usually bring in half the woodland tangled in their fur when they come in, and then it deposits all over the floor… along with their fur as they are currently shedding for their winter coats.

Our dust bunnies have now multiplied furiously, formed a civilisation and are currently holding an election in our living room. Sigh.

Thank you to everyone who ordered a deck, bought a painting, donated, or cheered us on… you all made this happen and I am eternally grateful! I will get to see my magical baby go out into the world… I just hope the world is ready..bwahahahaaa

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10 Responses to Shock, awe, and crazy magical ideas

  1. Jo Ziggy says:

    We are all Ready!!! xx


  2. Annie L says:

    I noticed that some others, like Parasite, Firestorm and Serpent of Chaos also were not for sale…was this also for magical safety reasons?


  3. Jenny Starr says:

    Serpent I would have watched over too, but I will keep Destruction safe. It has been a trusted companion for many years…

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    • I think you will be perfect – necessary destruction (which is what the card is) is sadly lacking in this world sometimes… new forests don’t birth until the old has had a good bit of fire. I am so happy it is going to you!


  4. Rebecca A says:

    The paintings with hidden/hinted images are my favorites, especially the eye/face that barely appears inside the East Gate. And it seems to me that in The Path there is a hint of shapes in the sky that very faintly mirror of the figure and her staff at the bottom of the path (although that one I might be imagining).

    I hadn’t noticed the hidden figure in Purification before, very cool! I’ll have to go back and see what others I missed.


    • There are various things hidden away in some of the paintings, and some will not be visible in the cards as they are smaller than the paintings.. another thing I didn’t think of when I was painting them. The Commonwealth has all sorts hidden way in the forest, peeking out besides the obvious ones.


  5. This painting is such a spot-on representation of the monster of misinformation. It chilled me a little when I first saw it.


  6. Can you please start my post


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