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News update on the Quareia LXXXI Magicians Deck

Our second print run of the deck is now down to a couple of hundred decks for sale, plus a hundred decks held back for Quareia Initiate students. Doing another print run is going to prove costly and difficult, particularly … Continue reading

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Goodies of myth, magic and wonder!

Magical artists Stuart Littlejohn and Cassandra Beanland who teamed up to do the Quareia magicians deck have both opened Redbubble online stores so that you can buy their work in prints, art board, and on bags, mugs etc.  It is … Continue reading

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Quareia Study Q & A

I have finally got to the last module in the Initiate section of the Quareia Course, and as of January 2016, there are people all over the world studying the course. While the first section of the course is complete … Continue reading

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Magic and Money

This is a very thorny and contentious issue that has been raising its head around me recently. Through various recent social media conversations and observing certain statements etc, the issues of magic, money and entitlement around teachers, magicians, writers, priests … Continue reading

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Tarot: Contacted Decks

This is not really a beginner topic but it is one that many people have asked me about. When magicians talked about something being ‘contacted’ either a lodge, a deck or a span of work, what they mean by that … Continue reading

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Tarot – The Here and Now; Reading for the Present

Most people think of tarot in terms of looking into the future. That is only one aspect of the use of tarot; there are many. Tarot can be used to look at a present situation, a past situation, or indeed … Continue reading

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One more thing….Tarot and Divination – dodging the bullet

Before I move on to reading for the present and the past, there is another dynamic within the process of looking at future events that needs to be taken into account, and that is the process of patterns of events … Continue reading

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Tarot… dealing with the answers: what if you do not like what you see?

I will try and make this post shorter as I have realised I write too much! I’m still getting used to blogging, so thankyou for your patience. When people first start doing readings, there comes a time when we are … Continue reading

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Interpreting Tarot: developing a skill set

For people trying to learn the skill of tarot, the key is not just the deck, but also the interpretation. It is a skill that takes time and practice to develop and for some it is easier than others. If … Continue reading

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Reading the Entrails Part One – Divination and Tarot

Luckily for us, divination has developed over the millennia so today we have a variety of choices when it comes to forms of divination. Some are more accurate than others for details, and some give a wider view but little … Continue reading

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