Goodies of myth, magic and wonder!

Magical artists Stuart Littlejohn and Cassandra Beanland who teamed up to do the Quareia magicians deck have both opened Redbubble online stores so that you can buy their work in prints, art board, and on bags, mugs etc.  It is a good way for the artists to get their work out there, for people to be able to buy something beautiful, and for the artists to earn a bit of royalty from the sales. Here is a preview of just a few of the luscious images that are available with links to the two storefronts…and various details.. help support artists while getting something wonderful!

All the pricing is in dollars, but they are printed not only in the USA, but also in Europe and Britain, so the shipping is more localised.

tin hinan 2016The work of Stuart Littlejohn

The first set of images are by Stuart Littlejohn…. and this image is Tin Hinan, historic warrior queen and Mother of the Berbers, by Stuart Littlejohn, the original painted in watercolour (yes… watercolour!!… his own secret technique…).

white stone 2018Next up is the lady of the white Stone, a British warrior woman with her guardian animals of the Boar, raven, and wren (water colour)…. based around an actual ancestral stone in England. Then we have Ananke at her Spindle with the Three Fates below and the Chariot Rider in the centre.. a great image to work with for fate magic!ananke and the fates


His page is stuffed with a wide variety of images so go take a peek and see if something jumps out at you….

Then we have the Tree of Life in the Garden….  the Mythic Tree from which all flows, and with two of the four rivers showing….tree of life




The Sefirot are shown as lights on the tree and it is a great image to meditate on.

I could fill pages and pages of this blog with his images as there are so many available on his storefront… but maybe just one more.

Selket is an Egyptian Goddess of the Scorpions, but Stuart did his own take on her, The Lady of the Scorpions, a woman of magic, power…and scorpion workers!lady of the scorpions



The storefront of Stuart Littlejohn can be found here

I have to say I don’t find redbubble to be particularly intuitive to navigate, and it tends to show first the most expensive thing you can buy (large canvas print)… but there are a lot of options to choose from. I bought some of the smaller art boards to stick up around the place and they look great and come with sticky pads to put them up with.

I also myself got a couple of medium sized tote bags and they are a hit in the local village where I live… one Egyptian one (Neith) and One with Tin Hinan. The colours are great and the bags themselves are better than I thought they were going to be.

Cassandra Beanland

The next storefront is that of Zakuro Media with Cassandra Beanland, a magical artist (artist and magician!) who worked with Stuart on the Quareia Magicians deck, and who also does a lot of large visionary paintings. The store front also has images from magical manga and the Saros Manga Tarot.yax

Cassandra has worked with various magical writers over the years, doing book covers and illustrations, and most of her paintings are in oils or acrylic.

I love how her mind works, and flows from one style of painting, to something completely different…she goes where the river takes her and paints what wants painting…the fall

Some of the originals of her paintings are huge… large stunning breath taking paintings that just hum with the magic that is in them.

I have a large framed print of one of her pieces… she calls it ‘Mask’ but I call it the Magician, as the painting screams magician….

it is my all time favourite of hers…





Saros Tarot

on the ZakuroMedia store front there are also images from the Saros Tarot which I love and are great fun….my grandson has a copy on the way to him…

They are based on a decktower card that a character uses in the Saros magical manga series, a series that blends manga with magic, the underworld and mythos.


The link to the rebubble ZakuroMedia page, which features prints and merchandise for Cassandra Beanland and the Saros tarot can be found here  

The Saros manga series by Zenko, which is myth, underworld and magic, is available on amazon, details of the books can be found here on the main Saros website.doublespread72_1

If you are interested in the Saros Tarot, which I think is great for young folks starting out in tarot as it works within the traditional tarot system (with some interesting shifts which took me by surprise…. more depth than I realised!).. it is a print on demand deck and The Saros tarot deck can be purchased from here direct from the printers

saros tarot


Although redbubble take a chunk of the price, the artists make enough from a sale that it makes a difference to them…. so please… support an artist  if you can (and want to) … find a goodie to take home with you, or pass the links along on social media…help keep our magical artists in soup and socks!  I hope you enjoyed the pics  and thanks for looking! – Josephine



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    Finally. This is wonderful news! So glad they both have their storefronts back up! I had bought a striking tote of one the Fates and a shirt of Lucifer by S. Littlejohn that ALWAYS gets positive responses. Now I can get more cool shirts and totes.


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