News update on the Quareia LXXXI Magicians Deck

Our second print run of the deck is now down to a couple of hundred decks for sale, plus a hundred decks held back for Quareia Initiate students. Doing another print run is going to prove costly and difficult, particularly in the unstable political and economic climate currently hovering over Britain, so we have come up with an alternative solution.Cassandra guided us to an online print on demand/dropship game company in the USA that does decks. This also gave us an opportunity to provide different size versions of the deck – over the last few years the deck has been in print, a lot of people stated that they would like a smaller version of the cards (for small hands and for pockets) while others wanted to stick with the larger size cards to work with magically.

So with that in mind, we have produced 2 sizes of the deck – one which is tarot card size, and a jumbo version, which is essentially the same size of the original deck (links at the bottom of this post). Cassandra kindly photographed the two new size versions with a card from the original first edition card, so you can see the size of the new Jumbo version (middle card) and the tarot size version (right card).

three sizes

The game site doesn’t do books (just tiny pamphlets) but there is a free download version of the book on the Quareia website, and it can be bought separately from any online amazon outlet world-wide. Print on demand/drop ship sites do take a pretty large chunk of the price (seeing as they do all the work and make the product), so the deck alone is more expensive than we have been selling it for.

However, the price of the original deck when selling it on the Quareia website was kept artificially low to make it accessible, and the book that accompanies the deck when you buy from the Quareia website, is essentially free (half of the deck price on the Q website is shipping costs!!)

From now on, the print on demand site in the USA will be the main stop off for buying the deck, and the deck on the Quareia website (in the UK) will only be available to people in the UK and Europe.

Here are the links for the print on demand/drop ship versions of the decks:

Jumbo size Quareia LXXXI Magicians deck 

Tarot size Quareia LXXXI Magicians Deck

QUAREIA_triangle large


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