My latest podcast with GlitchBottle..Nov 2019

A podcast I recorded with Alex of Glitch Bottle has just gone public…. I am chatting with Alex about the environment, nature magic, working magically in service for the environment and how to approach it..  you can find the podcast here on youtube, enjoy!

tree of life

Tree of Knowledge by Stuart Littlejohn (C) 2014


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6 Responses to My latest podcast with GlitchBottle..Nov 2019

  1. Natalia says:

    Excellent, just listened to it earlier today. You are such an inspiration. Thank you!


  2. Kevin says:

    Great stuff! Really enjoying Quareia btw, my girlfriend and I are becoming super fans of your work in general!


  3. D says:

    Thank you! That was a great interview. As always, lots to chew on. 🙂


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