Tarot resources, interviews and shit shows

I have been quiet on this blog for a while as it has been a busy and chaotic year so far (no shit.. says half the world)… but with the world chaos in mind, here is a blog about what I have been up to this year, with links to various new tarot resources, interviews and a new book release….. as if there was ever a time your divination skills needed sharpening, it is now!


At Quareia we had to make quite a lot of changes to our yearly schedule so we have moved our residential gatherings online – we have a month long series of online video debates and discussions for eligible students who are members of the Quareia online Porch community. Details of this community can be found on our landing page – just scroll down to find the information.

In honour of the ‘plague’ and various other crazy shit that has been happening this year, I have labelled the year “Revelations 2020’ . With the volatile astrological ‘weather’, thanks to Saturn and Pluto coming toe to toe for a stare down along with all their fellow planets gathered around for a scrum, it has been and continues to be a startling ‘wtf??’ year. And of course we in Britain are (once again) bracing for a Brexit impact that will very likely mean major changes to our way of life.

Here is my mental image for this year…. I am such an optimist…..

So with those happy thoughts, here are some things for you to play with.

A new Quareia Tarot Resource.This new resource has just uploaded to the Quareia website free books page

Quareia Tarot Resource

A Quareia worker and Dutch translator, Martien van Ee (www.quareiafriends.nl) has kindly gathered together in one coherent PDF, a series of tarot resources from my various writings and this can be found on Quareia’s Free Books page. This PDF document contains layouts from the Quareia course, from the LXXXI Quareia Magicians deck, and also from my latest book Tarot Skills for the 21st Century. This resource also contains key words from the Rider Waite deck and from the LXXXI Quareia Magicians deck.

The file is available for reading and for download for personal use only – it is fully copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission.

Thanks to Martien !!

Tarot Skills for the 21st Century

I brought out a new book this summer called Tarot for the 21st Century – Mundane and Magical Divination. It seemed an appropriate time to put a lot of information, layouts, reading techniques and analysis together for card divination, as one of the great ways to navigate your way through a very destructive time is to use divination to avoid the major calamities from smacking you in the face when it is not truly necessary.

I cannot say this strongly enough – Divination is one of the foundation stones of magical practice – without it, you will be flying blind in the face of danger.

Do you find it difficult doing readings? Failure is part of the process, so don’t let failure stop you – just keep plugging away until the light bulbs start to go on. Practice, practice, practice, along with good journals and taking notes from each important reading you do – that will start you on the path to being a really good tarot reader.

Excerpts from the book can be found on Quareia Publishing UK’s website

And the book is available on all internet retail outlets including amazon

Tarot is a very important tool at times like these, where everything from the playbook (war, famine, plague, political meltdown etc) is being thrown at us. What is also important is understanding the destructive process, and how we can navigate that process as safely and successfully as possible. I recently spent over 3 hours talking to Alex, the podcaster of Glitch Bottle on these subjects 


Through the summer I did a couple of interviews on line. I discussed various topics around tarot and divination and answering readers questions with Reddit r/tarot which can be viewed here.

And I did an interview with Students of Franz Bardon online, talking about magical training, developing a magical course, and the magical life itself. The interview can be found here


The crazy ‘inner weather’ has not yet passed, and the results of the astrological catalysts we have been experiencing throughout this year will play out for years to come – our world is changing, and like all change it can be painful and difficult.

However, how you approach those difficulties can determine whether you just about survive them, or whether your roots and branches are nourished from the storm. You can emerge from the storms stronger, wiser, smarter and with a far more realistic understanding of the world around you. So chin up, wade through the shit, and let it fertilise your future!

And if anyone comes across a weird tomb or buried casket that has never been opened before, please don’t open it…kick some sand over it and tiptoe away quietly… I think enough has ‘climbed out of the box’ this year to last us a few decades.

And wordpress….. your new design is clever and works like a leaky diaper…. someone forgot the basics…..

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15 Responses to Tarot resources, interviews and shit shows

  1. Suzi Petito says:

    Hello Josephine!! So glad to be in “touch” with you and Tarot – COVID – has displaced my studies BIG TIME – but I just received your Tarot for the 21st Century and will definitely be ready to “come back”…………..Thank you, forever, for blazing trails for us all. Love you! Listening to Glitch Podcast now about you and the book. There are two others I will get to,#’s 48 and 59, on Glitch……

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  2. Great post I struggle with Tarot ..I don’t seem to have anything to ask .. anyways the course is great even though I’m chugging through kinda slowly ..
    The tarot part of it is my weakness …
    It has been a crazy year but somehow I feel we have a ton of stuff to absorb and better understand the dynamics of reality ( like you said ) ..
    Anyways thanks for you effort ..it’s appreciated .. I will watch the glitch interview shortly ..

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  3. mpivaral says:

    Dear Josephine. Thanks for continuously putting out info for the esoteric community. I’ve appreciated all your past and present archives of mental stimulation. It would be an honor to meet you once this mess is over. Be well, be safe. With much fondness.

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  4. rebecca says:

    Just got around to listening to your latest podcast and wanted to thank you for all the valuable information and advice you shared. It was exactly what I needed to hear right now.I’ve been hitting a bit of a wall in the course and had backed off for awhile but will be resuming with renewed vigor. I’m loving the tarot book, by the way. It has led to many a-ha moments as I look back to past readings. Thanks again, Josephine, and all the best to you!

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  5. Emily says:

    I have listened and relistened to your glitchbottle interviews so many times. I am enjoying your new tarot book, though I have just barely scratched it’s service. Your Quareia deck is so useful. You’ve inspired me to create a deck specific to me, so I have been getting to know a group of index cards. I would just like to tag on my thanks for the large amount of motivation, inspiration, and resources that you’ve contributed to the community.

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  6. BLady says:

    Thank you for putting the Tarot PDF out for free. What a wonderful resource. And thanks for helping those of us with limited resources to participate in magic.

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  7. EveUnderConstruction says:

    Thank you so much for this! I especially appreciate the bits at the end of the podcast, just simple little things that can make a world of difference that I will be putting to good use ASAP. There’s one thing you said at the end that really got my attention and that’s about “marks” being put on people during a destructive tide. About 2 weeks ago I woke up to the strangest feeling, it was like watching something watching me. It was like having a stare off with some consciousness and I kind of sat there like a deer in headlights because it was bizarre. I did feel that something very unpleasant was rolling in and I spent the entire day cleansing myself and my house. The next day I got very ill and am still recovering it, It was like the life was being sucked right out of my body. It was that night that riots and protests broke out nearbye as well. Organization, discipline, paying attention, and doing the *”#$ing work. Slowly getting there!


    • Yes, marks are easily removed with a proper ritual bath…. and that is something to pay keen attention to during such a destructive time…. do them twice a month to stop anything building up 🙂


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