A new magical baby

I have been silent on this blog for a long long time…. Because I have been busily beavering away on my next project – the next magical baby….. When the pandemic hit, I was put to work on a new project which filled me with a sense of ‘oh shit’ – as it demanded skills that I didn’t have… namely painting.

It is something that had been building up for a while, and it was also something that started itself before I realised what it was and what I was doing. While the Quareia course sets out a solid path for magical self-learning, it can be a fairly tough going path, and is of a style that is quite contained. But what about people who do not fit onto any path but are best wandering through the magical forest alone, and following their instincts? 

It is a question that has rolled around in my head for a long time and really came into focus with the pandemic – so many people felt cut off, not only from other people, but from themselves and their magic. Personally, I loved the isolation but many didn’t thrive at all in it. It really brought it home for me how some people would benefit from signposts, thumbs up, occasional advice, introductions to various spirits, the odd slap, and sometimes cheerleading while walking their own unique magical path. While the Quareia deck can provide some of that, it is also overlaid by magical complexity and detail that not all magicians need, which can complicate a reading – it was designed as a deck specifically for Quareia Initiates and adepts.

Divination is a major thread through just about all paths in magic, and yet it is often treated as a stand-alone discipline or is given very little attention. Divination can become the ‘elder advisor’ to a lone magician, especially one trying to navigate an increasingly hostile and difficult world. But to be such an advisor, a deck needs clarity, ease of understanding, and to not be locked into any single culture or system – it should be able to function across many cultures. 

 It needs clear basic building blocks of power structures, the different types of beings a magician bumps into, and a vocabulary of power causes and effects. That way when a magician is struggling, a clear message and overview can be provided without the message getting drowned under archaic symbolism or clashing traditions. When you strip the flesh and muscle off any magical system, there are some core ‘bones’ that are common across most if not all magical paths, depending on the intention of the magician.

So I set about designing and painting a deck myself, using contacted magical methods to bring specific energies and powers through into the images, and using imagery that could be understood across a wide cross section of magical types. Over the last two years of the pandemic, I painted regularly, using stretched canvas and acrylic paint.. and I tell you, it was terrifying…. I live with a professional artist, and he was good enough to just leave me to figure it out for myself, and to only offer minimum advice when asked.

I can’t draw…. Unlike a lot of people who can sketch at least adequately, I am still on stick men when it comes to drawing…. But painting is something I have dabbled with (and I really mean just dabbling) for the last few years… but that is very different to painting something that others are going to see. When I set about painting this deck I had failures, I had ‘inner smirks’ from spirits, I had rolled eyes from contacts, and the occasional pat on the head. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and sometimes the level of power that came through a painting totally floored me, so it was a major learning experience. And then of course were the practical learning curves of what paint can and cannot do, and what my hands can and cannot do.

I also learned a great deal about fate, divination, timing, and imagery – some of the paintings timed themselves in to being painted just before a major event happened…. The build up of that power went into the painting and yet I was not aware of what was happening until the painting was finished, and then the event happened.

When I first started the paintings, I had a list and a schedule, which quickly went out of the window as the deck took over…. I was blocked from doing some images until I would be suddenly dragged out of bed very early to ‘get this done now!!!’… and sometimes a particular painting would seem to go nowhere for ages before suddenly and quickly coming together… just in time for an event happening that was mirrored in the painting itself.


When this happened, I put a note on the back of the painting, on the wood frame. Once it happened a couple of times, I finally realised what was going on, and I started to observe magically what was happening… and that taught me so much about the energetic building of fate patterns for events, and as a consequence from an inner perspective how elements of prediction/divination can work.. how they tie into multiple fate patterns, and how such energy can embed itself into an image and stay there… like storage…

It was fascinating as I was learning it all from a totally different angle to what I am used to.

Some paintings didn’t make the cut, some had to be repainted over to layer the power in various ways, which was a new experience for me.. lots of learning how visual power works.. …and now I have finished that side of it all.. the images are done and I am currently beavering away on the book.

With the images and the book, it should work not only for divination, but also as an advisor – when the magician or person hits a wall in their life and wants to step forward in a way that evolves/grows their magical path, working with the deck can help flag up the various fate options, and the beings and powers that flow through the deck can be worked with magically to transition from one short cycle of fate to the next.

I hope it will also function as view into the experiential underbelly of magic – each of the cards are core magical principles and beings, and as such can give greater insight into what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ in a situation or working. Whenever possible in the book, I have pointed this out, and also given advice or insight into workings, exorcism, cleansings etc – I am trying to make the book like a personal guide as well as a ‘deck meanings’ book. And where some cards can have complex layers, I have offered a non-magical ‘it is like this’ extra – I have come to realise with working with students from around the world that some concepts do not always translate well.

Obscure path

The deck/book will be ready by spring next year, and the worst case scenario in the current economic climate, is that it will be available just through thegamecrafter.com which is a US print on demand service.

Because it is just me and no other artists to pay, the deck should be cheaper than Quareia deck, unless their print prices have gone through the roof.. and the book will be available on amazon as a hardback, paperback and ebook. There will also be a free ebook on the Quareia website and a link to the free ebook when it is purchased.

The images from the deck will also be available as prints and posters through redbubble, should people want to work with the images magically, or simply stick them on the wall.

A best-case scenario is all of the above, plus a limited edition higher quality print run of the cards.

A lot of that depends upon whether we can fundraise enough for the printing costs, and whether the UK still has an affordable and functioning international postal service – sadly here in the UK anything is possible right now.. we could be in the stone age by this time next year!

I will post a few more updates here as I go along, and put up some more images, plus insights into the journey of creating them.

The name of the deck etc will be kept under wraps for now…. Keeping in line with tradition, a new baby is never called by its name, but simply called ‘baby’…

I have also recently recoded a podcast with Glitch bottle where I talk about the creation of the deck, and that should be airing within the next week before the end of October.

The paintings themselves will be for sale in the not too distant future probably on the TaDehent Books website  https://www.tadehent.com and there will be links on the Quareia website. The money from the sale of the paintings will go towards raising funds for a limited edition print run.

The Healing

The most pre-eminent kind of human is he who has realised perfection in the intuition of the theoretical intellect, such that he/she is completely free of need of a human teacher, and has attained skill in his practical divinatory ability such that he witnesses ‘the realm of the soul’ and that which therein relates to the states of the lower world, establishing them whilst awake so that the imagination completely performs its actions for him to witness them in a specific way, as we have already explained, and the power of his soul exerts its effect throughout the natural world. – Avicenna (980-1037EC)

All images and text copyright (c) Josephine McCarthy 2022

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24 Responses to A new magical baby

  1. phillips87 says:

    Hello Josephine,

    Funnily enough I’d just started listening to your latest interview on Glitch Bottle when this email on the blog update came through. I really love your work and will definitely get the deck when it’s ready.

    I really respect Quareia but at present am stretched for time and energy to commit to the course (single mum, living off grid, doing a very physical job, maybe less disciplined than I could be)… So the idea of something in the mean time that I can start to get used to sounds great.

    Protection, warnings and looking after my son, a few close people and the space around me is what I would be hoping to do generally, whether in a magical or mundane way, so I really look forward to ordering a copy when it’s ready. Thanks for all your incredible work and inspiring/kick up the arse motivational/hilarious interviews!

    Best Wishes



    • oh goodness you have a lot on your plate. If it is of any use, in Quareia Apprentice module 1 lesson 7, there are a few simple but very effective methods for ritual cleansings, protection etc.. The talisman part is a short exercise for learning, but the method can be used with focused intent for protecting sick ppl, old ppl and children.
      Good luck with everything!

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    • phillips87 says:

      Thanks, I’ll have a look!


  2. Annie says:

    Oh Josephine! I have such huge tingles just looking at these images, wow! I can’t wait. The art is gorgeous, but it doesn’t even matter, because the power load is just INTENSE. Oof! The best kind of oof! .

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  3. Hipolito Lattea says:

    I’m so happy you posted here ♥️ you are for certain a magical mum to many of us so keep it coming 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  4. Julie says:

    I love all of this!

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  5. Jo Ziggy says:

    Your new baby has made my day Josephine! Your art is ..
    Well, words don’t cut it, there is so much depth . They are wonderful.
    I look forward to buying some posters or even a painting!!! And I will wait patiently for your fundraiser and ultimately holding the deck in my hands!

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  6. Boricua in Texas says:

    I was very excited to read this. This morning I was using the LXXXI deck to do a long-distance reading for my daughter. I am looking forward to seeing the new deck.

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  7. Fil says:

    I’m very pleased to hear this news, wonderful images! I would be happy to pitch in for the fundraising part. Your work has always been something I reference and work with. Good luck with everything! ❤️

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  8. Antoine says:

    This is truly wonderfull, exactly what I was looking for lately.
    Going off Q’s path will certainly be smoother with a clear personnal advisor instead of a RW deck.

    If in addition to selling paintings there was a kind of pre-order fundraiser I’d happily give.


  9. Wonderful work Josephine and well done! I live with a magical artist as well and total understand how hard it is to do anything compared with their own work. However, this looks amazing! A real labour of love and spirit. I look forward to owning a copy one day and supporting you in making it a reality as well! As they say here in Ireland “May there we a blessing upon the work!” Melanie )0( ☆


  10. Ceri says:

    Listening to you on glitch bottle has made me want/need to pick up a paint brush again!I have to have a reason/feeling or urge to paint too or I just cant get into a flow.
    Your explanation of the danger card has really hit home(I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the same day Ukrainian was invaded)these deck images I’m drawn to rather than only liking them.
    I eagerly await the release!

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    • Ceri says:

      I just re-read my comment & wording,it wasn’t meant to compare my situation to the devastation of hundreds of thousands effected by the war..just the synchronicity of the date & card,so I hope it didn’t come across insensitive 💞wishing you all the best with the release xxx


    • Hey Ceri,
      oh goodness no, you didn’t come across as insensitive – cancer is a terrifying and hugely difficult disease to cope with… and I can see how the card/invading Ukraine was all the more potent for you with being diagnosed on the same day. I wish you much strength and healing in your own ‘danger’ journey, and that the spirits draw close to you to have your back.


  11. Ceri says:

    Thank You Josephine 💞


  12. Sundari says:

    I love serendipity. It is what has led me to this most perfect post, what I needed to see right now! That ‘danger’ painting is what I’ve just journeyed through and I am on a quest to heal myself first and foremost and I pray my partner as well, who I have separated from due to the dark forces that have taken hold of him, a friend of mine sent me your information on parasites and recommended your book on healing – super helpful additions to my own tool box. But I feel I am deeply into something out of my element, as this has affected me to the core and coming out of this is a challenge. If you’re open to deeper dialogue I would be oh so grateful! For now, I am paying my obeisance to those two paintings which came through you (danger/healing). I’m looking forward to learning so much more from you through your work.
    Much Love & Gratitude!


    • Thank you for your kind words Sundari, and I hope that you find a solid path through your challenges. I am sorry that I cannot get into a dialogue with you about it, but I do hope that you are guided kindly on your path.

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