Mystagogus deck update

Well things are moving along nicely – the deck is due to be delivered at the end of Dec, and we have help lined up for the packing and shipping in early 2023 so they will start flying their way to folks early next year!

The proof/sample version of the deck arrived, and overall it is looking good. There were some light issues with some cards, and the deck box being was a wee bit too light so we have adjusted the files accordingly, and it is now going through the print production phase.

We have also been slowly uploading most of the images to our Redbubble page and once it is all in place, folks will be able to buy prints of the images if they wish to, and I will post a link and blog to show you what is what.

I used the test deck to do a couple of experimental readings with it to see how it rolled…. Oh my…. I thought the Quareia deck was ‘to the point’…. This one is my bluntness on steroids…. Straight to the point, shoots from the hip, and then gives you chocolate as a consolation.

I have already spotted that it uses some of the imagery for meanings I hadn’t thought of, so I am updating the book as I work on it. 

I am sure when people get it, they will also find the same thing – it shows you what else each card can mean, in no uncertain terms, so folks will find they discover expanded meanings, along with dynamics that could be individual for you as a deck reader.

The question I posed for the first reading, was ‘show me the story of this deck (the whole concept, not just the one physical deck), past, present and future’. The second reading was ‘show me the story of the life span of the deck (as a magical pattern) in its entirety’ – almost the same question, but looking from a slightly different angle (one has the element of time, one does not… it shows different layers of existence)

The first reading I did, I used the landscape/inner desert layout as it is the sharpest one I use and I have used it for a very long time. The I posed the similar question using its own layout, which is very different and is based around the pattern of the lightning flash. I had initially wanted to create a more ‘spiral’ patterned layout to show power moving and developing outwards over time. But no, it has having none of it – the deck has its own mind and it made it very clear how it was supposed to be worked with. It worked well with the landscape layout, but with its own, the lightning flash (I got it while washing up… not very glam), it was like all the lights came on and everyone was home. 

Layouts are often overlooked in deck design and tend to be a bit of an afterthought, and yet it is one of the most important aspects of a deck. It is a deck’s own pattern of fate and coherence when done properly, and the layout and deck work together as a unit.

One interesting thing that popped up in both of the readings was ‘where it came out of’ in terms of environment, short term past etc.

In both readings, it indicated that it was born out of fire and destruction…huh?? Then I slapped my forehead – it was born in the pandemic (fever and death) which was, magically, (and still is) a time of a destructive inner energetic tide sweeping across the planet. Out of destruction comes creation. 

The cards that chose to land in the positions that indicated ‘who it is’ in both readings was interesting. In the landscape layout, it was the ‘Companions’ card – the creatures of the land who befriend, guide and co work with the magician. Makes sense… In its own layout (that needs a name), it was Divine Servants that it chose as its own indicator – same meaning but at a different power level…angels not animals.

So now all hands are on deck (…groan) to get everything ready for early next year, while also keeping up with the rest of our jobs… so my whole Christmas time is going to be dealing with padded envelopes, getting in customs forms, sorting export paperwork, carefully cutting the paintings off the frames, rolling and wrapping them ready for shipping. 

For those who are reading this who bought a painting, it is canvas, and it will need matting to go in the framing. If you buy an off the shelf /online frame, some can be bought with the matting included (matting is the coloured card that frames the image, and then the frame goes over the top).

For now, I have one lone box of conscious cards filled with squawking voices all clamouring for attention… naughty loud children… I threatened them with Krampus but that didn’t work (my usual parenting technique…) so now they have been placed inside the shrine of a powerful goddess … that shut them right up….  She will keep them in check and protect the overall deck pattern, which in turn will protect the ‘pregnancy’ phase of the printing etc.

You can check out the new deck, the paintings etc here at Quareia Publishing

I hope everyone has a wonderful solstice/Christmas/holiday/Yule/whatever you celebrate, and that the new year brings you peace, stability and a bright road ahead of you.

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  1. This is so exciting! Josephine, what size are the paintings?

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  2. Kurt Biddle says:

    Looking forward to this. Will the book ship at the same time? I do hope you get a small amount of time to rest this month, I know it’s not your style, but….

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    • What comes free with the deck will be an ebook, which will also be up on the Quareia Publishing website, and also the Quareia website for free. The physical book will be available with online retailers, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart etc. We will do a hardback edition with best quality paper and inks, and a paperback with regular paper and inks to keep the price of that down.

      With the way production prices have spiralled since we did the Quareia deck, if we sold this one with a book included, it would essentially double the price… and the shipping from the UK of a book and deck would come in at around $30, so together with shipping, a book and deck bought from here would cost nearly a hundred dollars. So a free ebook with an option to buy the book from your own territory makes it less expensive and also quicker.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Ah, the anticipation! You are such a marvel! Thank you for sharing the fascinating journey you are having with these magical wonders…I’m a little nervous their strength might intimidate my burgeoning skills with Tarot. I need to prepare for them joining our home and all within. Again, you are wildly precious and I thank you deeply for sharing so authentically. Blessings to you and yours!

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    • One of the magical things I worked on while painting them, is the limiter power.. so they will (hopefully) work at the level you work at, and will open right out for an adept.. so their energy should set itself to your energies… 🙂


  4. EternallyClueless says:

    “This one is my bluntness on steroids…. Straight to the point, shoots from the hip, and then gives you chocolate as a consolation.” LOL you are a brilliant creature, we are so lucky to have you in this world! I thought I’d just donate to this project because I’m a muggle and I haven’t even got the hang of the RW tarot deck yet, so I thought it would be pearls to the pigs. On second thoughts, I’m getting an itch to also buy this new baby of yours.

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    • bah, the RW tarot is a pile of crap (hence i make my poor apprentices work with it… if they can crack that, they can read with anything….)
      If you do get this deck and they give you problems, just get them drunk 🙂


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