Welcome!  Besides blog posts, this site has free tarot resources, an audio and podcast archive, and basic magical methods/training details, with links to further sites.

We now have a store on redbubble where the designs, clothing and art of Stuart Littlejohn, along with images from the Quareia Magicians deck are now available

If you wish to purchase the Quareia Magicians Deck it can be found here and on the same site we also offer a smallertarot size version of the deck

Thank you for visiting!

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6 Responses to Welcome

  1. parusha777 says:

    Its good to have all this at one place. Keep up the good work!


  2. Thanks, it was getting a bit too spread out across too many websites, and too expensive also!. This way is much simpler. I’m busy building a website for Stuart that will have all of his art work and sculptors on, and all the crazy stuff he makes. And people can buy originals from there… so Golbyn Market will become obsolete and that will go down too. Tidying up, trimming down and making better!


  3. SelMW says:

    Will the audio recordings of the Void and the Inner Library still be made available, as they were very helpful?


    • Thanks for reminding me about those, I had totally spaced on them. I would have to figure out where to put them. They may go up on the Quareia site, in which case it will be a page of study support materials.
      I will put an announcement on the blog when I have figured out where to put them.

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  4. Justin Moore says:

    It sounds like it is time to prune back the vines so that they may bear more fruit.


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