LXXXI Quareia The Magician’s Deck

A wonderful review of the Quareia Magicians Deck…. Thank you Benebell… I know, I am a few months behind…better late than never!

benebell wen

LXXXI Quareia Deck 01 Book and Cards

The LXXXI is an 81-card esoteric deck by Josephine McCarthy, Stuart Littlejohn, and Cassandra Beanland. It’s not a tarot deck, though you’ll see cards captioned “Chariot,” “Wheel of Fate,” Hierophant,” “Luna” (Moon), “Sol” (Sun), and “Death.” You’ll see “Fellowship” with imagery that may remind you of the RWS Three of Cups.

On a technicality, some might categorize LXXXI as an oracle deck, but I’ll just stick to what it’s been named: The Magician’s Deck. The LXXXI Quareia: The Magician’s Deck “draws upon the mythic, mystical and magical powers that underpin the magical systems that tarot eventually developed out of.” See here. “It is based upon real inner realms, real inner contacts, beings and forces that the practitioner of magic is very likely to involve themselves with. Because of this approach, the deck works as a contacted deck, i.e. used magically the images can act as gateways to inner realms, inner beings…

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  1. That is a very concise review, details that I had not yet seen. I am just getting started with this deck, it has been a busy Spring! I have mostly just admired the images and the work that has gone into creating the contacts. But I am ready not to dive in now. Thank you for this incredible work Josie, Stuart and Cassandra, and thank you for the YouTube videos. It was like being in a workshop again.

    All my best,

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  2. Justin Moore says:

    This was a good review…

    I just wanted to chime in and say that Benebell Wen’s book “Holistic Tarot” makes an excellent resource for those undertaking the Quareia training -especially for those like me who may have schlepped a bit on their tarot skills in the past. Benebell’s book helps to open up the cards even further, just as opening up the cards opens up the inner sight… ( I got the library where I work to buy Benebell’s book…:)

    I look forward to her book on Sigil’s in the Chinese / Taoist tradition I read about on her blog that she is working on…



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