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The Magicians deck.

an interesting first impression of the Quareia deck by a magician…


In this post I would like to write about the Magicians deck published by Quareia. The deck isn’t based on traditional Tarot archetypes. Its a 81 card deck that is divided in 4 realms.


“The Divine Realm (red borders), the Inner realm (blue borders), the physical world (green borders) and the realm of death and the underworld (black borders). The further away from humanity a being or place is, the less human it becomes. This is reflected in the deck, and can teach a magician a great deal about how beings function and why.”

(from the Quareia website). The deck comes with a small booklet with a description of the cards. The illustrations are very beautiful and they are very straight forward.

The cards describe processes and beings that are connected to the path of the  magician. In the booklet is a layout from 16 cards one can use…

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Introducing a new blog

When you are writing a vast course, as I am doing with Quareia, one of the most vital things that keeps you looking even vaguely intelligent is a good editor. I am truly blessed in that the editor I work with, Michael Sheppard is not only good, he is bloody good. Continue reading

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Quareia Study Q & A

I have finally got to the last module in the Initiate section of the Quareia Course, and as of January 2016, there are people all over the world studying the course. While the first section of the course is complete self study, I have had some questions repeatedly asked of me, and so I thought it would be a good idea to put them in a blog post, and thus save me having to answer them repeatedly. Continue reading

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The inside scoop on writing a magical course

Now that I am half way through writing the course, I thought it would be interesting to take a minute to reflect on the process, and what a learning process it has been so far. Continue reading

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LXXXI – The Quareia Magician’s Deck

a wonderful mention of LXXXI Quareia Magicians Deck… we are all so excited it is finally coming to fruit…

la reine de l'air

When I say “I flipped out” when I learned about the LXXXI Tarot – The Quareia Magician’s Deck, I’m not even exaggerating. Somehow I stumbled on Cassandra Beanland’s Instagram on Sunday night and there it was, the Giver of Life, giving me ALL THE LIFE (named “Fate Giver” below).

Cassandra Beanland, Stuart Littlejohn & Josephine McCarthy; Quareia, 2015 LXXXI Tarot by Cassandra Beanland, Stuart Littlejohn & Josephine McCarthy; Quareia, 2015

Though I haven’t purchased any new decks in more than a year now – due to our dollar being in the shitter and shipping costs being outrageous (I’m so sorry all my darling indie deck creators I love you I do) – I immediately pre-ordered this deck (go now NOW NOW!) both because that art? I cannot live without it, and also the price is very reasonable (even after conversion) – you’re getting 81 cards and a book, c’mooooon – and it includes worldwide shipping. Oh…

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LXXXI The Quariea Magicians Deck is about to be born….. come and see!

Quareia is launching an exciting new magical divination deck specifically designed for use by magicians. We have moved away from the usual tarot format, which enables us to delve deeply into the various powers and forces that flow through all the worlds.

home and hearth by Cassandra Beanland

home and hearth by Cassandra Beanland

Everything has been finished and is now ready to go: all we need is help with the final push to get the project in print. Continue reading

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