Introducing ‘Sacred Women: Images of Power and Wisdom’

Sacred Women: Images of Power and Wisdom – the Art of Stuart Littlejohn is a new book that celebrates women through full colour paintings and accompanying texts.

sacred women front cover smlFrom the beginning, the constant thread woven deeply throughout my work has been the depiction of powerful females from the religions, mythologies, and histories of many eras and cultures.

For millennia, the images of female divinity, the visions of female philosophers, priestesses, seers, saints, and mystics, and the achievements of female rulers, warriors, artists, and scientists, have been suppressed, dismissed, and ignored.

Such disregard for the wisdom and talents of over half our population has had, and continues to have, a disastrous effect on our evolution as a species.

In the times through which we are now living, it is vitally important that these marginalized images and long-silenced voices be heard anew. As a male artist, I see my role as helping to illuminate a hidden counternarrative. It is my small contribution against the destructive tides of misogyny and hate flowing through the world.— Stuart Littlejohn

sulis-minerva 1986

Sacred Women: Images of Power and Wisdom is a treasure house of art dedicated to the feminine power. Each artwork is intended to be savoured not just for its inherent beauty but also as sacred art.yemaya 2012

A full colour collection of paintings by the renowned British artist Stuart Littlejohn, this book serves as a celebration of all that is great yet ignored, of all that is powerful yet shunned, from goddesses to warriors, from mystics to the mythic.white stone 2018






Each painting is presented as a full-page image and is accompanied by some brief information about the mythology, history, or legend surrounding the character represented. This is intended to provide a basic understanding of the painting’s background, imagery, and symbolism, and to act as an entry point for the reader’s further research.

This is a special book to be appreciated over time; it may also act as breviary, and even as part of a devotional service to the living Goddess in her myriad and age-old forms.

mary magdalene 2013

It is true to say this is a two-way encounter, for, as She rises from forgotten history to meet us by our act of remembrance, we her followers and devotees (regardless of gender) will surely rise with utterances 2016

As one of a dedicated group of magical artists, Stuart Littlejohn slakes the modern pagan Renaissance’s thirst for pictorial imagery.

While icons and devotional images in Western art act as a living conduit to reach out and touch the Divine in material form, they also remind us of a lost tradition of painted and sculptural effigies of ancient pagan goddesses and gods.

white tara 2013

Sacred images do have an extra dimension: they spring from artists’ imaginations, yet they are so powerful and arresting that they feel more than merely the creations of gifted individuals.
tin hinan 2016

Available through all Amazon sites and online retailers

As the book has just been released (January 2019) , various prices will crop up on Amazon as third party sellers try to make more money on the title while amazon gets its stock in order.

The correct price guides are US $39.99, UK £33.99

130 pages full colour full page illustrations 8.5 x 11 inches. Published by Quareia Publishing UK




jehanne d'arc 2018


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  1. Natalia says:

    Oh this is beautiful! Looking forward to adding it to my books.

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  2. blacksnakeconjure says:

    Reblogged this on Black Snake Conjure and commented:

    If you love the Quareia oracle deck as much as I do, then you love Stuart Littlejohn’s art. This looks great.

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  3. Suzi Petito says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Josephine! I just ordered my copy:-)

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  4. janmalique says:

    It is a beautiful, powerful and profound book. Will be ordering a copy.

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  6. A certain public library in Ohio has ordered a copy. I’m sure that once it is in the collection here, the right people will discover this work.

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  7. Lady says:

    This looks really cool and it appears that it is inclusive to all tones and nationalities which is wonderful. I wish shirts and postcards would come out as well. Will definitely put on list to purchase. Thank you.

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  8. Lady says:

    That’s good to hear. I really would love to own small prints, shirts, etc with these amazing paintings.


  9. I got to catalog this today, which made great fun, as we hunker down here in what I call the scriptorium and await the arctic vortex due to hit the area this evening. The library record I made for the book will also now be available on OCLC the online computer library center which is linked to libraries worldwide. It was an honor to catalog this book and I included the following subject headings:

    Subject 600 1 Littlejohn, Stuart.
    Subject 650 0 Women|vFolklore.
    Subject 650 0 Goddesses|vPictorial works.
    Subject 650 0 Fates (Mythology)
    Subject 650 0 Mythology, Egyptian.
    Subject 650 0 Women saints|vPictorial works.
    Subject 650 0 Painters|zGreat Britain.

    What a treasure. … I just had to get a little library geeky with this.


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