Magic: The Holy Guardian Angel

Some branches of magic dangle the candy of ‘knowing your guardian angel’ better known as ‘knowledge of and conversation with your holy guardian angel’. Aspirants are told that once you achieve this, you will then go on to cross the abyss (a very misunderstood term) and become an all powerful master. The aspirant is then given a long drawn out and complicated ritualised method of achieving this wondrous ideal. As if it could be so simple… follow recipe, plug into angel, get powerful. Pah.This reductionist view has become a typical feature in modern magic. People want to be powerful, they want to know their ‘purpose’, they want to know how to bend the universe to their will. If they follow set steps like a well choreographed dance, they will get it all.ImageThis particular aspect of magic more than any other, throws a spotlight on the chronic misunderstanding of the deeper mysteries and how to engage them through magic. The way our minds are formed through education and society these days leads us to believe that if we follow action A it will lead to result B. Everything is reduced to cause and effect. Magic just does not work that way.

Is there a Holy Guardian Angel? Yes, there is. Can you, in effect, force that connection through long drawn out rituals actions? No. All that is happening is the ritual actions create a pattern that triggers a request. But if the receiver, the magician, is not ready for such contact it will not happen. What can happen at best is that the pattern created via the ritual actions creates an open door for contact and any other being that feels like it will step in and chat away happily with you. The magician needs ‘ears to hear and eyes to see’ and getting to that magical state can be a long drawn out process, or it can happen in childhood. It is not a connection that can be forced by ritual action. Some people who are not magicians have deep connection with this being and do not realise it. Many magicians who have jumped through all the prescribed steps will never achieve it: it is about who you are, your own unique deep connection with Divinity and your ability to think/feel like a river – a river does not rush from A to B in a predictable straight line… it meanders, races, stills, pushes boundaries, and swirls.

Magic in its truest sense is about learning who you are, what you are, your connection to everything around you and most importantly your connection to everything that is Divine, and then being able to consciously engage with that connection. As you come to know yourself, the angel moves closer, guides, warns, reveals and is sometimes silent. It is within you and all around you, all the time. It is the threshold that allows you to manifest, the boundary keeper and the bridge between your substance and your Divine spark.Image

How you operate within magic will to some extend define how it connects and communicates with you. If you use mainly externalised magic (rituals, seals, sigils, invocations) then the angelic being will be present in your external world and will attempt to communicate with you through external means. Over the millennia magical writings have hinted at these external means without explicitly pointing them out. This is for good reason, as each individual experiences this contact in a unique way and also to avoid being too explicit: each magician must find the contact for themselves as part of their development.

If the magician uses the imagination in their magic, in the form of visionary work, then often the angelic being will present itself through visions and visionary interfaces as well as external means. It becomes a deeper connection simply because magic in its fullness is a combination of outer ritual and inner visionary connection: they are two sides of the same coin.

Will conscious connection with this being bring about ‘adeptship’ and ‘mastership’ ? No, it is the reverse. Through becoming adept at the various magical disciplines the contact with the guardian angel is a natural progression, it is not a goal to be strived for. It happens quietly, and often takes a while for the magician to realise what it is they are connecting with: often you come to a stage where you realise this angelic being has been an active guardian through every step you have taken in life. It does not suddenly appear after a ritual, it is always there. They key is knowing it is always there and opening a conscious dialogue.

That contact does not make you all powerful or give you access to great knowledge, rather it is a companion who suggests, points the way or simply observes your process. They nudge you, allow you small peeks into greater things but ultimately it is up to you to recognise these signposts and act accordingly. It is collaboration between the magician and the angel which can develop into a powerful working relationship. They do not give you knowledge, they point the way for you to find it for yourself.


The Grindstone By Cassandra Beanland

One of the greatest wisdoms that the guardian angel can guide you to is the understanding of trust: trust in the universal Divine consciousness, trust in the beings around you, trust in the pattern of your life and trust in yourself. When we first start walking the magical path, we want to control everything, to bend life to be easier and better for ourselves. This expresses itself by the magician doing rituals to protect himself, to better his circumstances, to get justice.. just about everything. As the magician matures, he or she begins to understand that there are certain things that we do not have to control and do for ourselves – if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, then some of the lesser issues (protection, sustenance etc) are taken care of.

Look upon the guardian angel as a manager: they can ensure you have what you need to do your job so long as you are actually doing ‘your magical job’, whatever job that may be. If you are simply trundling down the magical path as a consumer or tourist, then such dynamic does not happen. You are essentially on your own.

In the early parts of the magical path, you are expected to more or less do everything for yourself, so that you learn skills, gain experience, and thus gain wisdom from direct experience.

Later, as you engage your magical knowledge in service of some sort, then the details are taken care of to allow you energy and time to do your work. It is around this phase that the contact with your guardian angel opens out and becomes a more conscious communion. Quiet advice is given, it is up to you to take it or not. It is also a phase whereby the magician learns what not to ask for or about: there are certain things our bodies are not designed to take and asking your guardian angel, for example, to show you the face of G-D is quite likely to put you in an early grave. The guardian will oblige, and your life winks out.

This all goes back to the maxim I bang on about so much: magic is not rules and recipes… magic is strange, beautiful, unpredictable, unfathomable, powerful, Divine, dangerous and wonderful. It cannot be housed, boxed, organised or controlled, however much people may think it can.

So if you want to connect with your Holy Guardian Angel, throw away the numerous books that outline various rituals and disciplines to get you there (that will not work) and each morning be still for a moment, be quiet, and thank your guardian angel for being there and tell them that you wish to learn. Carry on whatever magical path you are on, and pay attention: the quiet but powerful voice will at some point, when you are able to understand the communion, begin to speak back. You will feel them, you will ‘taste’ their presence within and all around you, you will become aware of them gently guiding you on your path or abruptly blocking you from a dangerous route. They will begin to talk back to you. If your call is to truly learn, then that call will be answered… not in your time frame, but in the right time frame. Over the years the relationship will slowly deepen, become profound and you will learn to trust, to have faith, and to feel the breath of G-d upon your face. Then and only then will the veils be pulled back one by one.

So you may not become an ippissipotamus, but you will become whole.Image

A blog post that went up the same day as this post, which is very pertinent to this subject matter, can be found on My Occult Circle, the best magical blog I have come across and written by a true adept. You can view that post at

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  1. hocuspocus13 says:

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  3. Michael says:

    It is not some singular “long drawn out ritual” (such as The Abramelin Working or Liber Samekh) that is said to grant you “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel,” it is the entire corpus of the magical path that gets you there. I highly recommend you read Jim Eshelman’s “The Mystical & Magical System of the A.’.A.’.” to get a better understanding of the stages of transformation that are taking place through the grade system of that or similarly G.’.D.’. based systems. What is interesting is, taking Liber Samekh as a specific example, is how that ritual transforms in meaning as the aspirant climbs the Tree of Life.


    • Hi Michael,
      I am saying the same thing in a different way, that the whole body of a magicians life and training is what triggers such an encounter. I am familiar with the GD and offshoot systems and while such systems work for some, they do not work well for everyone. Magic is not the child of the GD streams, rather the trunk and branches of the GD are one of many widely varied magical paths.
      I am particularly shining a light in the corner of magic whereby various groups and individuals promise such powerful connections as the HGA and the Abyss through a year or 6 month ritual, various courses (at great cost) etc. Such claims are based in ego and commerce, not magic.
      Similarly the highly structured methods found within the GD offshoots leave a lot of be desired for many. Essentially, these deep experiences are a natural progression within the path to adeptship and can be experienced at various stages long the path, depending upon the individual and the methods used. Magic does not follow set defined pathways unless those boundaries are forced, but there again, sometimes those boundaries are necessary for the well being of the aspirant. Like all great artforms, magic has its own time and progression within the life of the individual, and shoehorning powerful mystical experiences into a step by step progression can help some to blossom and others to wither. It is also important to understand that the systems of the GD, AA et al are of their time and the heavy 19th century influence can limit the development and progression of magic for many.
      I am not knocking those systems, but I am also not cheerleading them. I think all of those systems need a serious re think if they are not to become an ego bound fossil.
      Best, J


  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Very insightful stuff. Simply asking for advice and integrating that connection and dialogue into ones practice seems to be key. It can be quite a rewarding practice when you choose to do so.


  5. Daniel Cowan says:

    Very beautiful piece, glad that I read it.
    I like how your writings always seem to integrate the mysteries with the regular & mundane and the challenges that we face in daily life.


  6. Joel says:

    Thank you so much for this article. Since I started on this path, I’ve been waiting to read a straightforward guide to this particular aspect of it, and I can’t wait to put your suggestions into practice. They’re simple and practical, which is great for someone like me, who is still pretty wet behind the ears in magic.

    It struck me that your method seems quite similar to the “pray, pray, then pray some more” step of the Abremalin rite. Except you then let the HGA get back to you in its own time, rather than trying to doorstep it and demand answers.


    • HI Joel,
      I love the ‘doorstep’ scenario.. It really is dependant upon the individual magician and what stage of spiritual, magical and personal development they are at. Some need the long drawn out training and then specific ritual patterns, not so much to force the angelic contact, but to give the magician a heavily defined ritual pattern that will knock them into shape in preparation for the contact. As Michael said above, which is something that is true of all magic, the further you develop, the deeper the understanding of the ritual becomes, and the ritual/visionary understanding changes as more layers are peeled back.
      But these heavily defined methods often limit rather than help someone who has a natural facility for magic, and they also take away from the interesting dynamic in magic that everything has its own time.
      As for the pushing of product to near beginners… here, do this series of rituals for a year (at some cost of course) and you will have all knowledge and power of your HGA….what a load of expensive shite that will only serve to disappoint, confuse and lock down a potential magician.


  7. Frater Cervus says:


    I really have to commend you on this article, only because I just recently experienced “Knowledge and Conversation” exactly as you described it. I’ll try and keep this short, but in a previous inner travel I was given a magical square (a rather famous one apparently, though I had no previous knowledge of it), which was then used as a doorway to a rather drab, earthy tunnel. Whilst wandering around for some time, trying to figure out what on earth there is to gain from such a place, I had a revelation. That little voice or nudge that you get while exploring the inner realms, the part of you that says “you should probably go this way” or “try doing this instead,” is in fact that connection to the divine that we all contain. We just never stop to question where it comes from, or what it is. At that point I was able to speak directly to that part of myself, and was immediately astounded that Thelema and modern occultism could so rigidly attempt to force such a natural process.

    Everything you said is 100% correct in my experience. I’m glad there are others out there who have experienced such things, and are vocally expressing the reality of these experiences in the face of doctrine.



    • Hi Cervus,
      Thankyou and yes, it is a part of human nature to want to force such processes, and organise them, give them names, colours, rituals etc… it happens in everything we do. Sometimes it is useful and sometimes it just gets in the way or blocks it.


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