Details on how Quareia works


Quareia is a course is uniquely written in that it does not work on a ‘style’ format: it is not ‘this type’ of magic or ‘that type’ of magic – it is pure magical technique without the dressing. The course builds the student’s inner and outer abilities at the same time, and it weaves the strands of magical knowledge and techniques in careful defined steps that all build one upon the other.


 QUAREIA_triangle largeThis makes for a very safe, coherent and detailed extensive course with no dressing; all it needs is hard work and dedication on the part of the student. It does away with grades, robes, power issues, ‘territories’ and posturing. It also moves away from my old teaching habit of throwing the student in at the deep end and seeing if you can swim. It also moves away from the contentious priests and priestesses system that I worked with in the 1990’s and instead moves forward, to the future and to real magical development.temple


 Not only will the student learn what is behind a ritual, a magical action, or a tool, they also learn how it is constructed, why it is constructed that way, what powers it works with, what affect that power has, how the magician processes it, and what it actually does. There are no secrets. There are no pointless psychological rituals and there is no belly button gazing. Quareia side steps all of that and moves the magical student into fresh and uncharted waters of real magic.


 HermesTrismegistusCauc.jpg.opt162x220o0,0s162x220Some of the lessons are short, to the point and easy. Some are long, involved and turn the students back upon themselves, some are complex and difficult, and some are adventurous. It is as magic should be: fluid, experimental and yet harmonic. There is no way to hop through this course. There is no way to buy yourself through this course. The success of the student in attaining adeptship is dependant upon their own hard work, discipline and willingness to apply themselves in a focussed and managed way.


 Module one is now available. Module two is under way. As each lesson is finished, it will be presented on the website so that people can keep a rhythm of work and do not have to wait a year for it to appear.


 Quareia is here to stay and to develop a whole new generation of true adepts.


 Quareia a magical school for the 21st century!

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6 Responses to Details on how Quareia works

  1. noam69 says:

    I can’t believe how good these lessons are! This is exactly the approach that’s been lacking. It’s all well and good to tell a beginner to meditate, learn Tarot, practice visualization, etc. But the books one turns to learn those things are filled with higher-order concerns and cultural baggage. So the beginner immediately has advanced goals in mind and is wondering what parts of the training she can do without! You’ve bypassed these problems wonderfully, making introductory practice seem both attainable and enticing.

    I urge everyone to read and donate.


    • Thankyou Noam, that is very kind of you to say so. They get more and more detailed as the course progresses, but yes, it is not about ideals, just the techniques. There are instances of course where the spiritual ideal is an embodiment of an actual power dynamic in which case it has to be there. But if it has no purpose in training, it is not in the course.
      This is going to be a loooong job, essentially writing full time for 18 months to two years depending on whether my health flares or not. But It is so exciting. And that people are coming together to help me financially through this (as without help, it would not happen, even with the best intentions, there is only so much I can do). It will be great when its done and I certainly wish something like this was around when I first set out.
      Best, Josephine x


  2. David Martin says:

    I was starting to get concerned. You have been so quiet with the postings. I was hoping for the best and… Hooray! It’s better than the best. I can’t thank you, or the others, enough for putting your life and breath into these teachings. I see the shape of what you are putting together, and it is beautiful. I’ve stumbled and bumbled through a lot of teachings and traditions (East & West), and have searched patiently (Ok, reasonably so…) to find what you are offering within Quareia. Turns out, it’s the teachings that found me, I’m in. There really isn’t even a decision involved. I’m off to get a new notebook, and look forward, with joy, to the idea of seeing myself as a student again…


    • HI David, thankyou!!! Yes, the blog posts will be a bit quieter, but I will try to dive back in for short bursts. by the end of a day writing my fingers just won’t do any more.
      When you start the lessons, you will notice that you can do some side by side, and some you have to work one after the other. you will figure it out. Don’t be fooled by the shortness of the first couple…. hahahahahahaa 🙂
      enjoy Jx


  3. lancemfoster says:

    I agree David and Noam. Thank you very much Josephine! I started yesterday with the first meditation. Two questions: Should we have one notebook for it all or a notebook/section for each module (some systems break things down into different notebooks and that soon got too complicated for me)? Should we totally work through one module to the end before starting the next? In other words, should we go all the way through meditation before starting tarot (I think I heard you say some of these things should be done at the same time before)?


    • Hey Lance, a notebook for each module…. but bear in mind each module is about 50,000 words…. so you will finish a notebook easily by the time you come to do another. Just get cheap, small exercise books.
      Some lessons you can do side by side, others it is best to focus directly on them. If you jump a module (module is 8 lessons) or dip in and out, the course will not work for you. Start at lesson one module one and do it properly. There is some text on the website that advises you that xx
      And get on with it!!!


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