Magic and Healing – the power of the mind

In today’s crazy world of crappy foods, high level pollution and never ending stress, healing and the need to maintain the body is a constant worry for many. For magicians and healers, it is an even more important priority. Magicians become far more sensitive to external toxicity and healers these days often sag under the sheer volume of people who need help.Magic and magical techniques are one of many different options that can help maintain the body and also to assist in its recover from illness and injury. It is not a cure all and should be used alongside other alternative treatments and also allopathic medicines. By using the mind through meditation and visionary magic, the magician can affect subtle changes in how the body operates in order to assist the body in its journey towards balance and regeneration.1406627088776_wps_30_Mandatory_blyine_Suvra_Ka

This is not a new idea and is something magicians, mystics and priesthoods have known for thousands of years. And it is something that science is starting to catch up with. Here is an article on recent research

However the commercial New Age movement has tapped into this ancient knowledge and has sold the idea that these subtle techniques can singularly cure everything from cancer to irritable bowel syndrome. That is not true, but these inner techniques can tip the scales in your favour and assist the body at very deep levels: the visionary and meditation techniques deal with the deep underlying energies, herbs/homeopathy/acupuncture can deal with the mid layer of disorder and allopathic medicines or surgery deal with the top manifest layer. Together, the body, subtle energy systems and the deep layer of spirit are assisted in recovery and health maintenance.



Often we want quick fixes, which don’t tend to happen in a way that is good for the body, and through the popularising of magic, we are told that the mind can do anything and cure anything. Anyone who writes that has never been seriously or chronically ill. But that mind can do amazing things if you know how to work with it and can make a strong difference in recovery or in dampening down what could possibly be a long term disabling illness.

So how does it work? Damned if I really know. But I do know that it does work as I have used it for decades upon myself, my kids, friends and people who desperately need help and managed to find me.

What is it? Well, we all know about meditation and the effect that it has upon the whole body – that stillness found in meditation is the first and foundational step to keeping the body strong and as healthy as it is able to be. The visionary aspect of magical healing is less well known in the west, and is often viewed as psychological placebo, which it most certainly isn’t.

Visionary healing is something that works on many different levels depending upon how you work with it. There is a level of visionary work on a body that is approached as a ‘cleaning of the inner body’ for want of a better description. The magician works in vision and literally ‘cleans out’ all of the inner energetic ‘goo’ that builds up, which in turn allows the vital force to flow better. vital force 2A deeper level of visionary healing is whereby the magician works in vision and talks to the individual organs, and interfaces with the consciousness of those organs in order to open lines of communication and assist the organs from a vital force point of view.

A deeper layer again, is where the magician works upon the complex weave of interconnecting channels and fate weaves that upon the threshold between the physical body, the inner body and the life force itself. In vision, the magician repairs, energises and upholds that weave which in turn gives the body a fully plugged in reservoir of energy resources to work with.

From a magicians perspective, such work is about interfacing with all the different layers and aspects of life forms that make up a human (or animal) body (and this stuff works wonders on animals), getting them all back on the same page and ensuring the free flow of vital force so that the body can begin the repair process.

Golden Flower

Golden Flower

It also helps the body to utilise medicines, surgery, herbs etc to the full potential. It can also negate the physical impacts of magical attacks when approached properly.

From an outsider’s perspective, the use of the mind and imagination is triggering the immune system to begin the repair process, either by lowering levels of stress, or tuning the mind to a positive way of thinking.

Who is right? Who cares! It works, and I suspect that both are right and are viewing the process from different angles and levels.

But the use of the mind and imagination to affect changes within the body is an important aspect of magic, and highlights the real necessity for learning how to work with the mind through meditation and through visionary techniques. This is why in the Quareia course, there is so much emphasis upon meditation and the use of the imagination in the early training: the mind affects everything around you, within you and outside of you.head_massage

These techniques work very well in conjunction with five element acupuncture, so long as you do not over do it. It also works well with constitutional homeopathy and cranial osteopathy. Though it is important to tread gently, and not be tempted to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ of treatments at the body, which will only serve to overwhelm it. The body responds to ‘subtle’ far more than it does to ‘shouting’.

If you are interested in these techniques, I put them in a book, Magical Healing, which looks at many different ways of approaching care of the body from a magical perspective.

Magical Healing

Magical Healing

 And if you wish to research further, make connections between different forms, and work things out for yourself, then research into the following will be very helpful to you. When you look at different forms, instead of approaching them like ‘gospels’, look at the similarities, look at the different layers that they work upon, and let the various methods ‘speak’ to you. You will find that some are more aligned to who you are than others, and some are more appropriate than others.

One thing to be aware of with all of these different healing methods is this: when most of these systems were developed, it was in a time when the world was very different to how it is today. We now live in a world of toxicity, radiation, vaccinations, poor quality food and high levels of stress. We think that we now live in a health hell. But that is not the case, we simply live in a different world. Today we have food on tap, clean water on tap, surgery, antibiotics, warm clothes, warm houses…. be very careful about waxing lyrical about the ‘golden age that has passed’.

An all too common living situation that is within my living memory

An all too common living situation that is within my living memory

It was not long ago that a simple bacterial infection could kill someone, that lack of food, warmth and shelter was common for many, and back breaking labour over a lifetime was the norm for many.

We live in a time of plenty, and that is part of the problem. If you work with visionary magic and meditation to heal or assist your body, also take the time to look at your outer life and see if the ‘time of plenty’ is harming you in any way and if you need to make adjustments.

But most of all, if you are a magician, tap into your mind, it is the greatest healing asset you have.

For your further research, here are some links to get you started. These links look at different healing modalities in ways that cross connect with the subject of healing, magic and the mind. They do not spell it out for you, but if you read, digest and ponder, I am sure you will extract a lot of useful ideas that you can then experiment with. They may also give you pointers for further research.vital force

These are all alternative treatments I have worked with and used to great success in my own health, that of my children, friends, and also in my work in animal/bird rescue. I do not rely on hearsay or theory, nor do I dismiss on the strength of theory or opinion: I tend to be very sceptical until I see clear proof of a method working practically (I come from a family of scientists) but when I do see clear positive action, then I tend to experiment, study and apply technique. That in turn allows me to incorporate what I know works in to my own practice. And as magicians, this is the best way to work: don’t take mine or anyone else’s word for something… research, experiment and find out for yourself what works for you and what does not. And take time over it – I have worked with homeopathy and cranial osteopathy for decades and I feel I have only still scratched the surface.

Spirits, organs and acupuncture

Substances and homeopathy – early classical discoveries—david-little

A first look at Cranial Osteopathy


and also on the subject of Cranial Osteopathy

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  1. acmoyer says:

    Very timely, as I am just getting over being sick! I never used to get sick so much. This time though, I actually got advance warning that something was off. Not very far in advance, but enough to have a positive impact, which is what I call progress. The funny thing is, I saw Magical Healing on Amazon right before I got sick and thought, hmm…I wonder if I’m going to need that? I guess I have my answer.


  2. lol, sorry you got sick, but glad you got a heads up! Hope the book is of some use to you, and look after yourself!


  3. Justin Moore says:

    Great post, and great book. (I just asked my library to purchase a copy -and am going to put in requests to buy all your books for the collection here.)

    Do you think magicians need to supplement their diet with vitamins? I know a magician in New Orleans who is a big advocate of taking a plethora of supplements, and he equates it to a kind of alchemy. In any case, I’ve taken a B-Complex and/or a Multivitamin regularly over the past year and I find it helps with mitigating stress and has stabilized digestion -the latter being an area that seems to sometimes take a hit when I take a book in from the inner library. I’m not a fanatic about vitamins though.


    • Hi Justin, thanks for the kind words. I don’t think magicians should take vitamins ‘just because’ , it is far better to have a balanced diet and only take them when you have become deficient or are ill or under a lot of stress. Vitamins are big business but in real terms have limited use. And taking multi vitamins all the time can be counter productive for the health.


  4. peakofnormal says:

    Thanks for your insight. I suppose I should stop before my body gets too accustomed to mega doses of B-Vitamins. I do agree that eating healthy -and meditation- are the first lines for staying balanced. Self limiting is another big factor. What you wrote about our culture/time having issues with “too much” applies in so many areas. Thanks for all the effort and experience you are putting into your writing.


  5. Charles Cowie says:

    That post was great ! I pasted it on to others . I just ordered your book , keep up the good work – Cheers , Charles


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