LXXXI The Quariea Magicians Deck is about to be born….. come and see!

Quareia is launching an exciting new magical divination deck specifically designed for use by magicians. We have moved away from the usual tarot format, which enables us to delve deeply into the various powers and forces that flow through all the worlds.

home and hearth by Cassandra Beanland

home and hearth by Cassandra Beanland

Everything has been finished and is now ready to go: all we need is help with the final push to get the project in print.We are now running pre sales and crowd funding to raise 4,200 UK Pounds to get the deck printed. You can go to the crowdfunding/pre sale page here   8849692_origThe images are all unique paintings that  are stunning in their originality, inner presence and ritual significance.

The Hierophant by Stuart Littlejohn

The Hierophant by Stuart Littlejohn

The standard of art technique is very high, and flow from the hands of two talented beautifully trained artists who are both known for their magical work and art. The deck is 81 cards (the number of completion) and the card size is 89mm x 127mm (3.5 inches x 5 inches) which is larger than a tarot deck, in beautiful full colour with the Quareia design on the back.

The deck can be used in various ways, from divination, to meditation, mediation, and magical brainstorming. Some of the images can also be used in ritual to bridge to inner contacts and bring an aspect of their power into the magical work space.

The images of the deck are the result of of thousands of hours of work and feature deep inner mysteries, mythic patterns, magical concepts and the variety of human characters. The deck dovetails in wonderfully with the work of Quareia, and can be used in collaboration with the course.

Blood ancestor by Cassandra Beanland

Blood ancestor by Cassandra Beanland

Along with the deck and book, the crowdfunding page also offers the unique opportunity to own one of the original works of art at low cost. Stuart Littlejohn has agreed to sell a limited amount of paintings at a lower than normal price in order to raise funds for the printing costs, and to also ensure people have a chance to own a slice of magical history. Each painting on offer comes with a deck and book included in the price, which also includes shipping world wide.

Male Warrior by Cassandra Beanland

Male Warrior by Cassandra Beanland

The deck is the creation of magical artists Stuart Littlejohn, Cassandra Beanland, and magician Josephine McCarthy. The deck spans four worlds: the Divine realm, the Inner realm, the manifest world and the Underworld realm.

The images are based around inner places, beings, powers, forces and the various dynamics of humanity. It is unlike any other deck and does not follow a regular tarot format: it is purely itself. The magician or seer can work with the deck not only for divination, but for meditation, inner vision, ritual and mediation.

Each of the beings represented in the deck is a power the magician can work with in the inner worlds, and many mystical keys are hidden within the images in various forms.

Creator of Time II  by Stuart Littlejohn

Creator of Time II by Stuart Littlejohn

The name, LXXXI, refers to its numeric harmony, and also hints at its links to various mystical and magical systems that all dovetail in together. Students of Quareia will recognise many of the inner contacts, powers, places and forces that are presented in the deck, and the deck can be worked with in conjunction with the Quareia course.

Come and see ! Pre order a deck and help us get this out in to the world… or pass this on to someone who you think may be interested…CARDBACK sml

and thanks for reading this, I appreciate it….
Josephine McCarthy


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  1. Suzi Petito says:

    …Just pre-ordered deck and book set. I’ve been waiting for this, Josephine:-)


  2. Sue Quarto says:

    So excited – was just wondering when this was going to be offered and “poof” here it is … just pre-ordered deck & book. Thank you all!


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