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When you are writing a vast course, as I am doing with Quareia, one of the most vital things that keeps you looking even vaguely intelligent is a good editor. I am truly blessed in that the editor I work with, Michael Sheppard is not only good, he is bloody good.He is patient, kind, highly intelligent, a skilled editor, and is also immersed in Egyptian magical research…. and it with great joy and excitement that I can announce he has finally started to blog…after a bit of pushing. In the Quareia course, there are smatterings of Egyptian magic, history and analysis of various Egyptian texts. Having Michael work with me is awesome, and the conversations we get into are truly inspiring….he will dig up obscure texts, suggest better translations, and sometimes translate for me himself.
hor-priest-of-amun-karnak-19dOnce the course is finished, Quareia will be publishing his first book which will be an Egyptian reference book written specifically for magicians.

Take a look at his blog site, Michael Sheppard, which has just been born: I am sure he will slowly be filling it with fascinating insights and tidbits for magicians and those interested in Egyptian mysteries. That is if he gets time…. he works frantically on the Quareia course, which always has two modules going through the edit process on his desk. His dedication to the course work has allowed the course to happen, and he along with Frater Acher, make sure the course is beautifully presented.

And if you have not yet visited Frater Acher’s blogsite, you might want to have a look.theomagica It is a gold mine of magic: it is full of articles, essays and reviews, in English and in German, that look into the many corners of magic with a keen, skilled, and intelligent mind. His blog can be found at Theomagica .

It is a very special time in magical history: because of the internet, we can gain access to the minds and writings of so many brilliant, resourceful and innovative people. When I was a young one, I had to take two bus rides to a central library on a Saturday, and hover furtively in the ‘other’ section of religions and beliefs section. There were precious few books available, and we could only dream of talking to or connecting directly with the writers. It was unheard of to have the sort of choice and access available today. So make the most of it…. it will not all be there forever!



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  1. Michael Sheppard says:

    Thank you so much for all your kind words, and for plugging my new blog! I’m just beginning to understand how different social media is when you’re at the other end of the tube, as it were. It’s quite a learning curve. Simple things, like commenting on other blogs as your own blog, are making me quite boggle-eyed—but I’ll get there eventually.

    Thanks again, so much. I will now get back to editing Quareia lessons! 🙂

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