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Quareia Apprentice Module Three – About this module

Module three is the first module that starts to look at the powers behind magic, behind the manifest world and our own unique existence. It looks into the complexity of fate and how magicians step out of an unconscious pattern … Continue reading

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Marching in to Magical Progress

 It has been one week since Quareia launched and the response has been wonderful. People are downloading the first module and are working with the lessons, the second module is two thirds written, and the fund raising is creeping slowly and … Continue reading

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Warnings for aspiring and early magicians – unscrupulous vampires and scapegoats

Various people have contacted me over difficult situations with study groups, workshop leaders and teachers. So rather than tie up my time answering the same questions individually, here is a blog of magical warnings, what to spot, what to look … Continue reading

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Writing a course for magical students… the unfurling….

When I first set out to put together the materials and people’s contributions towards ‘Choosing a Magical Path’, my intention was to have voices of various teachers, authors and adepts, all in one place, along with some resources, all freely … Continue reading

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