The Book of Gates is Born!

At the end of last year, a few days after the final completion of the Quareia course, after 3 years of full time writing 50+ hours a week you would think I would want to rest. But no. I had a crazy idea, and my editor had the same crazy idea, and together it may a new project. That project has finally come to conclusion and the magical translation of the enigmatic Egyptian Book of Gates is finally out and available. Michael Sheppard, my editor and Quareia’s ancient languages boss, has written a far better blog post than I could on the process we went through, and about the power within the Book of Gates. So I have linked to his blog at the bottom.
Suffice to say,9781911134220  the Book of Gates hides when it wants to, exposes what it needs to for you as an individual, and will kick your magical ass in to shape if you need it.  Within it we found the death passage, we found living magicians working in the Duat in service, we found inner adepts who are resident in the Duat working out in the living world in service,  we found the process of the formation of the Justified adept, the godly ones, and the challenges of the initiate that would turn them into an akh, an adept, a Finished one. It bullied  both Michael and myself,  and left us both with more than a few bruises, scratches and ringing ears… all justified, all necessary and all learning experiences. It also holds the most beautiful insights into the nature of Divinity, of Life and life after death, and the sheer beauty of a soul. It was a life changing experience for us both.

And the Book of Gates can be found on Amazon

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  1. Michael Sheppard says:

    It’s been an amazing experience, and a wonderful project with the three of us working together on it. I am so happy that it is out in the wild at last, and doing its thing. Do you remember how originally, in our first conversations about doing the book, we more or less thought it’d just be a nice little relaxing side project after Quareia was all finished? Hahaha…little did we know…

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    • yeah, hahahaah, omg I had no idea…… talk about being hit with a frying pan full on in the face!! It was worth it though… it will forge a great path.

      And it might be an idea to change your wordpress settings to allow for reblogs, so people can pass on your blog post. Good Job Mr Sheppard!!


  2. Michael Sheppard says:

    I am looking forward to seeing it go to work out there!

    So irritatingly, because my blog is self-hosted rather than hosted by, the reblogging option is apparently not enableable for me. I didn’t know that at the time I set my blog up… Apparently the workaround is to use Press This, which is a feature that comes with WordPress:


  3. Blogos says:

    Great news guys, will be picking up a copy next week 🙂

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