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Demons, gods, and entities for beginners

A person sent me an email asking a variety of questions, and they are questions that beginners ask me repeatedly. So rather than constantly answering the same questions, I thought it better to answer this latest round of questions through … Continue reading

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Magic and Money

This is a very thorny and contentious issue that has been raising its head around me recently. Through various recent social media conversations and observing certain statements etc, the issues of magic, money and entitlement around teachers, magicians, writers, priests … Continue reading

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Magic: The Holy Guardian Angel

Some branches of magic dangle the candy of ‘knowing your guardian angel’ better known as ‘knowledge of and conversation with your holy guardian angel’. Aspirants are told that once you achieve this, you will then go on to cross the … Continue reading

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Magic and Psychology – Under the Microscope

A lot has been made of psychology and magic, almost to the point whereby the practice becomes all psychology and very little magic. Where is the fine line and how is it best to tread that line for someone coming … Continue reading

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By the laws of Ma’at, may you reap what you have sown

I apologise in advance to all of my long standing friends that you are once again (and again and again) subjected to this ridiculous drama. But once again I find myself accused in public of being a liar and a … Continue reading

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Peeling the Onion

During the first few years of magical training and practice, the magician is often young and still forming in terms of character and personality, so habits laid down during this phase of magical development can pay major dividends further down … Continue reading

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