Magic and Healing – the power of the mind

In today’s crazy world of crappy foods, high level pollution and never ending stress, healing and the need to maintain the body is a constant worry for many. For magicians and healers, it is an even more important priority. Magicians become far more sensitive to external toxicity and healers these days often sag under the sheer volume of people who need help. Continue reading

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Quareia Module Five -The Magical Tools

Having just sent off Quareia’s module five for formatting, I am taking a day off from course writing so I can tell y’all how it is going, and let you know I am still alive and kicking. The course itself seems to be taking on a life of its own and it is certainly challenging me every step of the way to ensure that what goes in is necessary, and that magical dead wood, dogma, etc is thrown out. Continue reading

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Quareia – what is she smoking?? Answering some questions around Quareia

By now people have begun working on the Quareia course and will find themselves coming up against all sorts of issues that can be deflating, can seem dumb, or a struggle or just plain stupid and confusing. I hope to address some of these in this blog, and do it in a way that is does not take away from the process of self training that is so essential for the beginning of a magical path, but does offer a helping hand none the less. Continue reading

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Quareia Module Three – About this module

Module three is the first module that starts to look at the powers behind magic, behind the manifest world and our own unique existence. It looks into the complexity of fate and how magicians step out of an unconscious pattern that drives their lives and the lives of everything around them. It guides the first step the magician takes into conscious awareness, communion and interaction with the powers of fate and creation. Continue reading

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Quareia Fundraiser – how is it going?

With ten days left to go, we have managed to raise over the half the target amount. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness, wonderful messages, and course feedback that Frater Acher and I have received. The magical community truly is a great family!

Some people have asked why we need to fundraise, and that is a very valid question that I feel deserves a proper, open, and honest answer. Continue reading

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How to work with Quareia

I have had a few different emails asking very sensible questions about how best to approach the Quareia course, so I hope this post answers those questions and others. Continue reading

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Patterns and Maps in Magic: Quareia Module Two

The Quareia second module is now ready and will be soon uploaded. This module is about foundation patterns in magic. All magic exteriorises in a patterned form, usually as ritual, sometimes as an utterance or a series of sigils, which externalises the power and energy that the magician has tapped into. That power and energy is usually accessed through inner work, which is to say that first the magician connects through visionary magic with an inner energy and a consciousness (a being, a deity and so forth), and then bridges that energy in collaboration with a being, and gives it a form by working in ritual or with lettering, sigils, utterance, etc. That exteriorises the magic in our world and sends it off to do its job. Continue reading

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