How to work with Quareia

I have had a few different emails asking very sensible questions about how best to approach the Quareia course, so I hope this post answers those questions and others. Continue reading

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Patterns and Maps in Magic: Quareia Module Two

The Quareia second module is now ready and will be soon uploaded. This module is about foundation patterns in magic. All magic exteriorises in a patterned form, usually as ritual, sometimes as an utterance or a series of sigils, which externalises the power and energy that the magician has tapped into. That power and energy is usually accessed through inner work, which is to say that first the magician connects through visionary magic with an inner energy and a consciousness (a being, a deity and so forth), and then bridges that energy in collaboration with a being, and gives it a form by working in ritual or with lettering, sigils, utterance, etc. That exteriorises the magic in our world and sends it off to do its job. Continue reading

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Since my last blog post I have had a few emails from various teachers and students, each taking me to task not only for my opinions, but also for the way I have addressed things in my last blog post. Some had a good valid point that I need to clarify and some, well, some need their head to be inserted up their ass. Continue reading

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Marching in to Magical Progress

 It has been one week since Quareia launched and the response has been wonderful. People are downloading the first module and are working with the lessons, the second module is two thirds written, and the fund raising is creeping slowly and steadily towards it’s target. Continue reading

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Details on how Quareia works


Quareia is a course is uniquely written in that it does not work on a ‘style’ format: it is not ‘this type’ of magic or ‘that type’ of magic – it is pure magical technique without the dressing. The course builds the student’s inner and outer abilities at the same time, and it weaves the strands of magical knowledge and techniques in careful defined steps that all build one upon the other. Continue reading

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Quareia is Born! A magical school for the 21st century

A couple of months ago I put up a website called ‘Choosing a Magical Path’ with the intention to bring together various schools of magic to talk about their work, what sort of students they are looking for etc. I also wrote texts on what to look out for with the various abuses, scams, overpricing, power games, etc.
I got into long detailed discussions with well known German adept Frater Acher and we came to the conclusion that a positive way forward, if we really did care about the future of magic, is to design and write a full and detailed magical training course that would be free and accessible for on line study. Continue reading

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Giving and Stealing: Finding a Balance for Occult Authors

It has come to my attention recently that more and more occult forums are passing along links to illegal downloads of magical books that are still under copyright and are still in print, my books included. It is a difficult topic as there is a need for freely available work that people can get their teeth into, but on the other hand, without some form of financial come back or help, many magical writers would not able to make work available. Many authors find this balance by writing books to be sold, along side making text freely available.

The occult market is a niche market, which means unless you are willing to write complete tosh for a mass market, you are going to make very little in financial terms, but often that little bit can go a long way, so it is very important. When that little bit of financial income gets stolen, then it becomes a problem for magicians in general. Why? Here is why. Continue reading

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