Watching the world through the window


Painting by Remedios Varo

I have almost reached the mid point of the course writing project I am working on, and what a strange magical journey this has turned out to be. When I started writing Quareia, I had no idea of what was truly ahead of me and what an amazing magical journey it is turning out to be. Continue reading

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Magic needs a curious mind – the learning dilemma for magical students

As my work is becoming more known in general, I now tend to get a lot more correspondence than I used to, and the incoming tides of emails highlights to me a major issue that is developing on the horizon of magic. And that issue is minds, curiosity and how they work. I am sure the issue how been out in the world for longer than I realize, and I am only just seeing it as I connect more and more with people. But it is an issue that worries me for the future of magic: many in the younger generation do not seem to know how to learn. And I am sure by the length of this blog entry, many will glaze over as ‘it has a lot of words’ in it. Continue reading

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Quareia Apprentices being put to work….

Although I am still writing away on the module that teaches working with the planetary spirits, the recent events around the world have made me focus on the direction I take the last module in the apprentice section. That last module in the apprentice section is about understanding and working with destruction. Although I was planning to essentially give students an overview of the powers of destruction, I think in light of the times we live in it is time to plunge the apprentices into work. Continue reading

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Surfacing for Air

I have been so silent recently, I thought I had better pop my head around the door and see if the world was still spinning. I have just finished module eight of the Quareia course and that along with module seven are busy in the formatting stage and should appear soon. It has been quite a wild few months… I have not really surfaced for air much and have just been writing, eating, sleeping and writing… oh yeah, and writing. Continue reading

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Magic and Healing – the power of the mind

In today’s crazy world of crappy foods, high level pollution and never ending stress, healing and the need to maintain the body is a constant worry for many. For magicians and healers, it is an even more important priority. Magicians become far more sensitive to external toxicity and healers these days often sag under the sheer volume of people who need help. Continue reading

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Quareia Module Five -The Magical Tools

Having just sent off Quareia’s module five for formatting, I am taking a day off from course writing so I can tell y’all how it is going, and let you know I am still alive and kicking. The course itself seems to be taking on a life of its own and it is certainly challenging me every step of the way to ensure that what goes in is necessary, and that magical dead wood, dogma, etc is thrown out. Continue reading

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Quareia – what is she smoking?? Answering some questions around Quareia

By now people have begun working on the Quareia course and will find themselves coming up against all sorts of issues that can be deflating, can seem dumb, or a struggle or just plain stupid and confusing. I hope to address some of these in this blog, and do it in a way that is does not take away from the process of self training that is so essential for the beginning of a magical path, but does offer a helping hand none the less. Continue reading

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